About Us

  • Arka and Vinay at the Saints@Seahawks game

    Attending Saints @ Seahawks, where Marshawn Lynch caused an earthquake

  • Sidelines was founded by Arka Ray and Marios Assiotis -- two friends who, over the years, have spent a ridiculous amount of time following, watching and discussing sports.

  • Marios and Arka in Vancouver
    Marios and Arka

    At their old place in Vancouver, definitely not discussing the Canucks

  • The team felt that while fans loved discussing sports, there wasn't a good destination for them to do so online. Twitter, while great for sending out a quick opinion or a link, is not suited for deeper discussions, especially among groups of fans. On the other hand, most team forums and message boards are hard to use, and plagued by trash talk that drags down the level of conversation: There wasn't a way to separate passionate, knowledgeable fans from trolls and trash-talkers.

  • To address these issues, the team built Sidelines: a platform for sports fans to have fun, engaging discussions while building their reputation as experts on their favorite sports.

  • Sidelines gives fans the most entertaining and efficient way of engaging in sports-related discussions, without the usual clutter and noise on Twitter, message boards and blog comment sections. Moreover, the Sidelines Reputation System provides a true measure of a fan’s knowledge and expertise around sports, while preserving the quality of discussions on Sidelines.

The Team

Arka Ray

Founder & CEO

Before Sidelines, Arka was a Business Development Manager at Microsoft in the Xbox LIVE division, where he negotiated several multi-million dollar deals with game publishers. Arka went to UC Berkeley (with Vinay) and holds a BSc in Computer Science. He spends an obscene amount of time following sports (the Cal Golden Bears, Seattle Seahawks, Green Bay Packers, Roger Federer and Michael Schumacher are his favorites) and watching every movie and TV show he can find in his quest to become a pop-culture deity.

Marios Assiotis

Founder & CTO

Marios is the chief code monkey with over a decade of professional development experience. As a Sr Software Engineer at Microsoft in the Hotmail storage platform, he helped store bits faster, cheaper and more reliably. Marios holds a BSc in Computer Science from MIT. When he’s not writing code, he’s either snowboarding, cooking elaborate meals for his friends or obsessively reading Hacker News.

Skaff Elias

Game Design Consultant

The most recent addition to the Sidelines team, Skaff, was one of the first designers of the game, Magic: The Gathering. As a Senior Vice President at Wizards of the Coast, Skaff was the primary architect of the Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour and the organized play system behind the Pokemon card game. When he’s not working, Skaff is busy hiking with his kids and maintaining the highest (enjoyment of playing basketball)/(skill at playing basketball) ratio of any person that has ever lived.

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