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The world's most engaging native ad unit

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Imprint Preview
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    Native Placements

    Imprint scans a network of publishers that cater to hundreds-of-millions of users, programmatically locating optimal native placements based on demographics and contextual relevance.

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    Brand Assets

    Imprint can embed any type of brand asset, providing advertisers the flexibility to distribute their message in the most scalable and effective way to achieve their campaign objectives.

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    Original Content

    Imprint pulls in original commentary (called Posts) relevant to the brand's messages from an elite network of expert influencers. These Posts hook and engage the user, strengthening their connection to the brand, and also provide context for the brand assets.


10 Times More Engaging Than the Average Ad

Imprint keeps your audience engaged for 80-160 seconds (compared to < 15 seconds for an average ad)

Original Content from Experts

Thousands of expert contributors collaborate to create original Posts - an infinite stream of fun and engaging discussions relevant to your brand's core messages.

Native Placements

Algorithms powering Imprint package these Posts, along with brand assets (videos, infographics, images, slideshows etc.) into units that seamlessly adopt the native look-and-feel of the page they are placed on.

Scalable Distribution

Imprint units are then distributed across thousands of pages being read by your target audience - and constantly optimized using real-time usage and demographic data.

How an Imprint Campaign Works

Running an Imprint campaign is simple

  • You tell us your key goals, messages, and target demographic for the campaign and provide any promotional assets (videos, images, social posts, infographics, etc.) you want distributed.

  • We send you a steady stream of Posts (discussions on topics relevant to your brand's messages) created by Sidelines' expert influencers for review and approval.

  • Approved Posts are programmatically packaged with your brand's promotional assets into Imprint units, and placed natively on thousands of pages targeting the campaign's demographic.

  • We analyze and optimize content performance, user behavior, and demographic data collected by the Imprints to optimize throughout the campaign, with custom comprehensive reports delivered back to you regularly.

Imprint Delivers

The most effective campaign to achieve your marketing objectives, with unparalleled value for your investment

Engagement with Measurable Impact

Imprint hooks and engages your audience for an avg of 80-160 seconds, 10 times more than an average ad, leading to 30% more recall of your brand’s message and 80% more recognition.

Comprehensive Analytics & Insights

Imprint collects detailed metrics on content performance, user behavior, and user demographics, optimizing each campaign for success while providing incredible insight into how various audiences connect with your brand.

Targeting & Distribution

Imprint offers scalable distribution for your branded content, while targeting your audience with pinpoint accuracy based on their gender, age, location and content affinities.

Always-on Influencer and PR Engine

Imprint delivers thousands of influential experts to connect with your audience, at low cost and without contractual complexities. In addition, the content they create acts a perpetual PR and marketing source for your brand.

Guaranteed ROI

Imprint delivers an infinite stream of original on-brand content, thousands of influencers, and scalable distribution for a single, affordable viewable CPM price - Guaranteeing that you save money and only pay when Imprint engages your audience.

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