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Sidelines ( is a new platform for high-quality discussions about sports. Sidelines features a Reputation System that tracks expertise around sports and our goal is to become the de-facto measure of expertise and influence in the world of sports.

We have built a small, close-knit, highly curated community of smart, savvy sports enthusiasts on Sidelines. Many members of the Sidelines community are aspiring sports analysts or writers who start and participate in interesting and entertaining discussions based on hot sports topics, and in the process build up their reputation (known simply as Rep) as experts on their favorite sports.

What does a Sidelines Sports Analyst Do?

A Sidelines Sports Analyst is a leader of the Sidelines Community. An Analyst sets the tone for other members of Sidelines, elevates the quality of discussions that he or she participates in, and helps grow the community.

  • A Sidelines Analyst regularly writes Posts on Sidelines and participates actively in the discussions. A Sidelines Analyst is expected to write 1 Post each week that generates at least 15 high-quality responses (this post on the possibility of the NBA returning to Seattle is an example of a great Sidelines post.) An Analyst also spends time driving the conversation around his or her post forward to ensure that it receives at least 15 replies.
  • Besides writing great posts, a Sidelines Analyst writes at least 15 high-quality replies to posts (their own posts, as well as on others' posts) per week that sets the tone for discussions on Sidelines and help drive discussions forward.

Note that Posts on Sidelines are not the same as articles on sites like Bleacher Report: The goal of a Sidelines post is to generate and sustain smart, entertaining discussions. A Sidelines post typically has a provocative, eye-catching title (often phrased as a question), and a couple of paragraphs, often with links to other articles, videos, or photos setting the discussion up. However, the Analyst also spends time driving the conversation around the post forward to ensure that it receives at least 15 replies.

Why should I be a Sidelines Sports Analyst?

Being a Sidelines sports Analyst is an opportunity to get your foot in the door in the world of sports writing and sports media and to build your reputation as a sports expert. Whether you want to be a sports journalist, writer, or analyst, making well-thought out arguments about your thesis and engaging in discussion and debate is very important in order to improve your skills. Sidelines will give you the opportunity to improve your sports analysis skills by exposing your writing to an audience of smart sports enthusiasts.

Interacting with sports fans and enthusiasts is also important in order for you to build your brand. Sidelines will also let you interact with your audience directly to engage them in high-quality discussions and debate around sports.

Analysts at the Pro Tier (between Level 4 and Level 6) get this badge on their Profile.

As you create interesting posts and engage in smart, entertaining discussions, your Rep on Sidelines will steadily increase. The Sidelines Rep system rewards you with Rep Points based on the quality of your posts and arguments. As your Rep increases, so does your Level, each new Level brings with it additional powers. The Sidelines Reputation system has been designed by renowned game designer George Elias (co-creator of Magic: The Gathering) to be a tangible, credible measure of your expertise around your favorite sports and teams. In addition, your Sidelines Rep will also be a measure of your ability to engage your audience.

As the Sidelines community grows over the next year, Sidelines' Reputation system will become the de-facto standard for reputation and influence in the sporting community. Getting on Sidelines at this early stage will let you get a head-start in building your Reputation before we open our doors to the broader community. In fact, based on the strength of your application for the Sidelines Analyst position, you can start off with an enhanced Rep Score and at an enhanced Level (while regular Sidelines users will have to build their Rep from 0 and start at Level 1.)

If you are a student majoring in Journalism, Marketing, Business, Communications or a related major then you can earn college credits through the Sidelines Internship program.

In addition, as a Sidelines Analyst you will build a valuable network of connections with other sports experts and writers. Sidelines is also in the process of bringing on-board well-known sports writers and analysts to mentor Sidelines Analysts.

What qualifications does a Sidelines Analyst need?

All you need to qualify for being a Sidelines Analyst is a passion for sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, College Football or Basketball), and the ability to write smart, thoughtful opinions about the hot topics and current events in the sports that you love.

There isn't any previous work experience needed to become a Sidelines Analyst, and you can work from anywhere in the world! If you're a student or new graduate looking to get a head-start with some real-world experience at a challenging, fun gig at a growing company, then Sidelines will be a great fit for you.

How do I apply for a Sidelines Sports Analyst position?

Send an application comprising the following to

  • Your resume.
  • Sign up for Sidelines (at and make 3 Replies to Posts of your choice. Include the links to the Posts that you replied to.
  • A sample post that you would make on Sidelines (this post about early NFL team rankings is a good example). The Post does not need to be more than a paragraph or two, and you can send it over an attached document.

You will hear back from us within 7 days. If you are accepted into the Analyst program, then you will get a formal invitation to join Sidelines with an enhanced Level and Rep. We have a 35% acceptance rate for the program, but don't be disheartened if you are not invited to join the program right away. Based on your activity on Sidelines over your first 4 weeks, we may invite you into the program with a later group of Analysts.