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Lynn Hale lvl 3

I'm excited to have the chance to experiment on Sidelines, writing about a my new house, new music, new food, and new city (Denver). It's refreshing to have a completely blank canvas.

- Lynn Hale
writes about: Entertainment


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Aditya Trivedi lvl 6

What elevates Sidelines above channels like Twitter is its focus on fostering and rewarding intelligent opinions and analysis. My Rep score helps me demonstrate my Basketball knowledge and sets me apart from bandwagon fans.

- Aditya Trivedi
writes about: Cleveland Browns, Los Angeles Lakers


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Micky Shaked lvl 4

Joining Sidelines was the best decision I've made since siding with 'N Sync over Backstreet Boys. After spending less than four months of just talking sports on Sidelines, I was able to start writing for Bleacher Report. Kobe!

- Micky Shaked
writes about: Chicago Bears, Chicago Blackhawks

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Rachel T Gupta lvl 6

I've been having a blast on Sidelines, I have to admit. It's a great exercise to get something down on paper about my latest design project every day. It is a fantastic creative outlet. And the community is pretty awesome.

- Rachel T Gupta
writes about: Lifestyle & Parenting