Are some coaches worth keeping? Study finds firing a coach does not produce more wins, costs school millions.

  • Started By Dean Lake
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  • 4¬†years ago
Dean Lake
Dean Lake

With the race of hiring college football coaches well under way, a new study shows that the hiring and firing of coaches is becoming increasingly expensive. The salaries for head coaches have increased 70% since 2006, and the price of buying out a coach's contract can have an impact on spending on academics.

Auburn will have to pay out a whopping $11 million to ditch their football staff with Gene Chizik walking away with $7.5 million of that total. Auburn probably feels that price is worth it considering the NCAA investigations the football program is under now.

But how about other coaches and their staffs? The former Tennessee coach, Derek Dooley and his staff are due $9 million. Considering the statistics showing teams don't improve immediately after a firing, would it be better just to wait, hope things turn around, and then fire him when his contract runs out if the team shows no improvement?
How about other coaches that had to be bought out, like BC's Spaziani, Cal's Jeff Tedford, Colorado's Jon Embree, and Danny Hope at Purdue?