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Big Ten looking to raid ACC again - as many as four could get invites

  • Posted in the NCAA community
  • Dean Lake Lvl 7

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    Are we on the verge of super conferences?

    Rumors out of the NCAA's meeting in Dallas are that the Big Ten is not yet done expanding and are looking to add up to four teams. The ACC appears to be their sole honey bucket this time around.

    Virginia and Georgia Tech appear to top the list. Both are AAU member schools, which in the past the Big Ten attached utmost importance. However, Nebraska lost it's AAU status soon after joining the Big Ten, so perhaps non-AAU status is not the deal-breaker it once was. Duke and North Carolina are both AAU members and possible Big Ten targets. Florida State is not a member of the AAU, but could be a target due to their strong sports programs and presence in the Florida television market. Miami could be a target for the same reasons. No overtures by the Big Ten are expected until after the Maryland/ACC lawsuit over exit fees is settled.

    If the Big Ten does raid the ACC for four teams and expands to 16 teams, that would certainly lead the other big three conferences to look to bring in more teams in the race for fatter television contracts. Geographically and monetarily, the SEC would have a huge advantage in attracting the best teams in the best television markets. The Big 12 seems paralyzed with indecision since bringing in West Virginia to cover their loss of three schools. The Pac-12 has been picky about the academic standards of their invites, and they have a big problem with the geographical locations of the most desirous schools.

    If the super conferences are coming sooner rather than later, the Pac-12 and the Big 12 might be the odd men out when it comes to dividing up the ACC and Big East pies. Will we have two super conferences and two 'major' conferences, or will the Pac-12 and Big 12 pick up scraps to chase the television dollars?

  • Ivan Cross Lvl 2

    I was just hearing yesterday that the Big 12 is looking to the ACC as well, Miami seems very interested. I'm wondering though what the buy-out (if any) is going to cost these ACC teams. I guess we'll know when the Maryland case finally gets settled.

  • Zachery Vasquez Lvl 3

    I think you meant 18 teams in the B1G if they take four more. Anyway, Swaim is known for throwing out a lot of rumors. However, he is right sometimes (like when he called the West Virginian move to the Big 12). I don't doubt what he is hearing. It sounds more probable that there are negotiations happening. There seems to be paranoia driving conferences to invite schools before the other guy.

  • Odysseus Morris Lvl 3

    I keep seeing on message boards that the Big 12 is looking at Clemson, FSU, Miami, GT, and NC State. Not sure if everyone is using the same source. Apparently, nothing will be happening until the Big 12 meets January 29th. Even if schools get invites for the Big 12, I'm sure we'll see those same schools get invites from either the SEC or Big10, too. This might become a heated battle or evaporate into thin air. Who knows.

  • Patrick Wilcox Lvl 3

    Although Miami has poor attendance and is in hot water with the NCAA, they still have a huge tv market and are a hot bed for recruiting. Florida will likely keep Miami and FSU from joining the SEC. I'm wondering if FSI prefers the Big 12 or the B1G. I also wonder if the Big 12 would take both Florida schools, or would rather only want one.

  • Kadeem Hooper Lvl 1

    Georgia Tech used to be in the SEC and we'd love to have them back and get an old-fashioned, SEC state rivalry going again. If the SEC wants them, I'm sure they'd have the upper hand on the B1G and Big 12.

  • Heather Heather Lvl 3

    Big10 should go after Duke and NC, but not FSU or Miami. Clemson and NCState would be good adds, too.