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Bret Bielema sent Arkansas AD John Long a letter in September?

  • Posted in the NCAA community
  • Dean Lake Lvl 7

    NWARobbie: Very interesting nugget from ...

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    As the media fall all over themselves to congratulate Arkansas AD John Long for his coup of pulling in Bret Bielema away from Wisconsin, word is John Long let it slip today that Bielema sent him a letter in September.

    No word on what the letter contained, but what else could Bielema wanted to talk about other than the head coaching position for the Razorbacks? It sure sounds like Bielema was prepping his exit from Wisconsin by sending out a feeler to John Long.

  • Kadeem Hooper Lvl 1

    Oh, man. If true, Camp Randall is going to seethe with anger.

  • Dean Lake Lvl 7

    Oops, "Jeff" Long.

  • Ivan Cross Lvl 2

    LOL, Dean. You need to stop posting after midnight.

  • Dean Lake Lvl 7

    Posting with my eyes half shut is a bad idea ;)

  • Heather Heather Lvl 3

    Bielema will not find the success he is used to at Arkansas. I find it hilarious he was trying so hard to get there.

  • Abe Herrera Lvl 3

    Yea, he sort of fell into a good situation at Wisconsin, right about the time when Michigan was in decline, Ohio State was at the start of Tressel-trouble. With Urban Meyer at OSU and a rejuvenated Michigan, it'd be tough for him. Another good discussion on Bielema here.

  • Ryder Townsend Lvl 3

    Well Heather, if he can get Arkansas back up to the standards that Petrino had, it'll be a win for him.

  • Neil Chan Lvl 3

    Yea but recruiting and wiining in the SEC is a big boy's game. It's getting tougher than ever to recruit top prospects with Florida, Alabama etc. laying out the red carpet and every coach (except Saban) knowing that he has only 1 season's worth of leeway before the axe comes calling. Bielema will fail at Arkansas for at least his first season: Which might be his last given the trigger happy Athletic Directors these days.

  • Odysseus Morris Lvl 3

    He was planning on leaving and obviously was laying the groundwork. Now I want him to fail miserably at Arkansas.

  • Dean Lake Lvl 7

    Copy of the letter just released. Nothing damning, but the fact it was hand-written and Bielema was only one of "two or three" coaches to send Long a note is still rather suspicious.

  • Heather Heather Lvl 3

    It's called networking. Everyone does this. Look for an opportunity to have contact with a potential employer, then send innocuous note.