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Cardinals' WR Michael Floyd Refuses to Be Labeled a Bust

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  • Dean Lake Lvl 7

    Blog post by Micky Shaked

    Drafting a wide receiver in the first round is a risky proposition. Less than a third turn out productive seasons within their first two years. In a league with a goldfish’s memory span, pass catchers need to produce early and often lest they be forgotten.

    Michael Floyd desperately wants his name to stick. With 396 yards over the last three games he’s hosting something of a coming out party in Phoenix. His last 20 catches have gone for first downs; needless to say Floyd is trying to throw the best bash in town.

    Benefiting from Larry Fitzgerald’s presence both on and off the field, Floyd is quickly developing into a top target in the NFL. Like any player, he has Hall of Fame aspirations, but how high is his ceiling? Which receiver does he remind you of most?

  • Abel Tovar Lvl 4

    It's great to see him putting it all together. He's too talented and he has the luck of playing with Fitz so it's almost inexcusable for him not to produce.

  • Scott Whittum Lvl 7

    It helps that Floyd actually has a competent quarterback in Carson Palmer to get him the football. If Floyd had struggled for another year or so is when you truly could accelerate the bust conversation for Floyd. He still has to have his type of production for a longer period of time.

  • Michelle Mink Lvl 5

    Drafting a WR out of Notre Dame is a risky proposition unless he is hurling from a mound of dirt. After the Cards broke-up Boldin and Fitzgerald they've been searching for someone to be a threat to line up opposite Larry. Floyd looks to have the raw talent and if he works hard has a great opportunity to become a top WR in the league.

  • Dan Griffin Lvl 6

    Floyd has been quite the pleasant surprise this year. I'm glad to see the kid has been able to make it work this year. Fitz has gotta be thankful as well seeing as how he stuck his neck out for him, lobbying for him to be drafted.

  • Josh Mahoney Lvl 7

    Floyd definitely has the ability to be a great number two but whether or not he can handle the one spot won't be answered anytime soon with Fitz on the same field. As long as Palmer or a similarly talented QB can continue to throw him the ball (and he continues to take Fitz's word as gospel) he should only continue to be a wide receiver worth watching.