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From Shambles to Swagger: Tampa Bay is Catching Fire

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  • Dean Lake Lvl 7

    Blog post by Tyler Olson

    What happened to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? After losing eight straight to start the season (half of those losses by a field goal or less), the sad Bucs have won three straight, including a huge road win in Detroit on Sunday. Although the playoffs are not part of their future this season, the mood is upbeat in Tampa.

    Is this team for real now, or have they simply caught some breaks they hadn't before? Will a good run to end the season save coach Greg Schiano's job? Does he deserve another year?

  • David Baird Lvl 6

    I don't think this makes Greg Schiano's job any safer- the team would be mad to let him stay on. They have a streak going in spite, not because of him. I remember seeing his post-game speech in highlights- the players were glancing blankly or amusedly at each other while he ranted incoherently. Hope the front office isn't fooled.

  • Abel Tovar Lvl 4

    Schiano is a terrible coach and should still be let go at the end of the season because even though they have won 3 games in a row, they are still 3-8. That record usually means an off season trip to the unemployment line is right around the corner. Now if they pull the impossible and finish 8-8, then he's got an argument. Chances are that won't happen but at least whoever takes over will have some solid pieces to start the rebuild.

  • Scott Whittum Lvl 7

    The Bucs were better than their record I noticed when they played the Seahawks so tough. Glennon so far has shown that he can give Tampa a chance to win games and that is all you can ask of a young quarterback. Will this save Schiano's job I am not sure but a good finish would help Schiano moving forward in setting him for other coaching jobs down the road.

  • Dan Griffin Lvl 6

    I agree with @David Baird and @Abel Tovar, Schiano will still be gone at the end of the season. Just because they've won 3 games doesn't absolve him of all the stuff that went on earlier this season. The whole Freeman incident was one of the worst cases of unprofessionalism I have ever seen in sports.

    On a good note, Glennon does look like he can be the future for the Bucs. He at elast allows them to bypass a QB and focus on other needs early on.

  • Tyler Olson Lvl 6

    Glennon should absolutely be given a shot at being the starter next year but if they are in position to take a QB that they like then they'll probably take that opportunity. But that all depends on who is coaching the team next year.