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Georgia DC Todd Grantham lied to Georgia recruits. Is lying fair game?

  • Posted in the NCAA community
  • Dean Lake Lvl 7

    One day after signing day - ONE DAY - Georgia DC Todd Grantham went back on his word to Georgia's defensive recruits. All along he has led the recruits on, telling them he was remaining at Georgia and not to worry. He flat out lied to them.

    Davin Bellamy, a 4-star linebacker the Bulldogs were battling Tennessee and Oregon for, ultimately chose Georgia because Grantham told Bellamy he was staying at Georgia. But Bellamy was still suspicious:

    “The thing is right now [is] I don’t want to sign somewhere and then have the coach bounce after signing day,” Bellamy said.
    Bellamy spoke to Grantham on Sunday night.
    “I asked him if I was to sign to go to Georgia, after signing day what would happen?” Bellamy said. “He said he’ll be sending me some film to watch to get ready for camp. He was telling me he’ll still be there, but they’ll tell you anything, man. I’m just going to have to trust him.”
    Bellamy said he made a pact with Grantham on his official visit he termed “17 longevity.”
    “It means if I come here I can keep my number, 17, and he promised he’ll be here next year,” Bellamy said. “Seventeen longevity is what he always says every time I ask that question. If he sticks by the pact, that would be neat.”

    Wow. One has to wonder what Bellamy is thinking right now. Of course, Grantham doesn't have a job in the NFL yet. But even if he doesn't secure an NFL position this year, you can bet he will soon enough.

    Is it sleazy for Grantham to bold-face lie to a recruit and his family? Or is this just part of the game of recruiting, just like Bellamy suspected?

  • Zachery Vasquez Lvl 3

    Grantham is going to pull the old 'I really thought I was staying yesterday' excuse. At least Chip Kelly always left open the possibility he might leave while still asserting that he planned to stay. And Kelly left early enough so that recruits could change their commitment to Oregon (see Dontre Wilson).
    But Bellamy sounds like a smart kid. He knew it was possible Grantham was lying to him. Kind of sad that he thought a 'promise' with Grantham would do the trick.
    Grantham was sleazy doing this, but it is part of the recruiting game. It will hurt the Bulldogs in the long run, though, when recruits no longer trust them.

  • Ivan Cross Lvl 2

    This is just plain wrong. These poor kids are basing their future on the word of adults whom one would think they could trust. Bellamy might still be happy at Georgia without Grantham, but it is still a shitty thing to do to a kid. There should be a rule where a kid in this situation has some recourse. That would make these coaches stop lying.

  • Felix Tate Lvl 3

    If he stick by that pact, that would be neat. Yeah, it would be neat, Davin. I guess part of growing up is learning a pact is not a written contract, and without a contract you have nothing. Welcome to adulthood, Mr. Bellamy.

  • Felix Tate Lvl 3

    Does anyone believe Grantham?:

    ''I told those guys, 'I love Georgia, I think this is a great place, my family loves it, I love it, and I fully expect to be here,''' Grantham said. ''I told also told those guys that, as a coach, if things come up, you're always going to see what's best for your family and see what happens.''
    At the time, he wouldn't address reports that he was already planning to interview with the Saints, who also have a reported interest in former Dallas defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. Grantham said nothing had come up that would require him, under his contract, to notify Georgia he was looking at a similar job in the NFL.

  • Acton Molina Lvl 2

    I don't believe he told his recruits "if something comes up" he'd leave. If he did, he certainly didn't tell Bellamy. I am also certain he already had an interview set up with the Saints before signing day. This is clearly a case of Grantham telling Mark Richt that he's going to interview for NFL jobs, but he'll lie to the recruits so it doesn't spoil the Bulldogs' recruiting class. It appears the 5-Star in-state recruits knew something was up, so bolted to other schools. Maybe Bellamy is not so smart after all.

  • Heather Heather Lvl 3

    maybe the coaches should be forced to sign their own LOIs