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Is Chip Kelly NFL bound or not? Kelly denies any contact with NFL execs.

  • Posted in the NCAA community
  • Dean Lake Lvl 7

    Report: League executives believe Chip Kelly will be in the NFL next season

    ESPN’s Adam Schefter seems to believe there’s a good chance University of Oregon head coach Chip Kelly is coaching in the NFL next season. “I ...

    The last two months has provided such a steady diet of rumors that Oregon's Chip Kelly will be bolting to the NFL that the rumors have now become a common, rock-solid belief.

    Fueling those rumors is the possible sanctions the Ducks might be facing once the NCAA concludes its investigation. Many feel Kelly will pull a Pete Carroll and and jump ship once the sanctions hit. One report claims the NCAA has been conducting six hour interviews with those in the recruiting services in recent months, and that the NCAA will be handing down sanctions after the bowl season. (This report is very dubious, however. Terms such as "recent months" and "sources with knowledge of the situation" are always red flags).

    Chip Kelly and his agent claim they haven't any contact with NFL execs, but I'm not so sure I believe them. Whether Kelly wants to go to the NFL or not, he would at the very least listen to offers just to gauge what is available. But if Kelly does go to the NFL, I don't think it will have anything to do with sanctions pushing him in that direction. He's always been upwardly mobile and truly believes his system would be equally successful in the NFL.

    As for the sanctions coming down the pipe? What we know is that Oregon violated reporting rules in regard to its use of recruiting services. That violation doesn't even approach the seriousness of what happened at Ohio State and Miami. But if the NCAA finds that some of the money paid to recruiters made its way to the players or their families, then the Ducks should see some heavy sanctions. But so far, nothing of that nature has publicly surfaced.

  • Dean Lake Lvl 7

    Here is a report of Kelly's denial.

  • Odysseus Morris Lvl 3

    It's still a bit early, so perhaps no NFL teams have reached out to Kelly yet.

  • Jackson Peel Lvl 1

    If the NCAA is taking this long to find something, I doubt they have anything major. How long did the whole Buckeye investigation take? Less than a year? And that situation probably took a lot more footwork than this one.

  • Vinay Kuruvila Lvl 4

    Agreed, I don't think the sanctions are going to be major, and won't play a part in Kelly's decision to move to the NFL or not. That said, given Kelly's flirting with Tampa Bay last year, I think he's just waiting for the right position/team/surrounding coaching staff where he feels he has a solid chance of success. With the number of teams that will be looking for new head coaches at the end of this season, I'm pretty sure Chip Kelly is going to get an offer he likes and end up in the NFL.

  • Abe Herrera Lvl 3

    Have to agree with Dean on Kelly being upwardly mobile. His system has already affected the NFL to some extent (the Pats new offense owes it a bit of credit) and there's no reason for him to think it won't work with the right set of players / organization. Kelly's going to the NFL, though I'm wondering if this year is going to be it.