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MAC Conference livid as NCAA ignores own rules to grant Georgia Tech a waiver to be bowl eligible.

  • Posted in the NCAA community
  • Dean Lake Lvl 7

    MAC commissioner Jon Steinbrecher gave NCAA football executive Dennis Poppe an earful on Sunday. By allowing the 6-6 Yellow Jackets to have a waiver, a MAC bowl-eligible team will likely be staying home this post season. Why? Because there are 70 positions open for bowls and there were exactly 70 bowl-eligible teams - until the waiver was granted.

    Waivers have been granted in the past, but new rules were passed last year after UCLA was granted a waiver, lost their bow, and ended the season 6-8. That was too embarrassing to allow to happen again, so the NCAA strengthened it's qualifier rules.

    The qualfiers to add bowl eligible teams, however, only kick in if there are fewer than 70 bowl eligible teams. So the NCAA ignored their own rules - probably because Georgia Tech is a much better draw and more attractive to bowls looking to draw the largest audience.

    With seven bowl-eligible teams in the MAC, Jon Steinbrecher has a right to be angry after his conference delivered one if it's best performances ever. Should the NCAA even have rules if they are just going to break them to favor BCS schools over non-BCS schools?

    Do you think the best interest of the NCAA and the bowls trumps the interest of fairness?

  • Stewart B Putney Lvl 1

    No. But the NCAA has a history of doing whatever it wants, particularly when $ is involved. Sad, but that is how it is. The MAC needs to try and pump up one or two of its programs with tougher schedules and more national and/or ESPN games...Then those teams can go join the Big 10 (or is it 15?)

  • Ivan Cross Lvl 2

    On one hand the seventh MAC team is 6-6 Central Michigan, who are not very good and would not draw anyone to a bowl game. On the other hand if the NCAA is going to make rules then they should play by those rules and not dangle promises that they will not keep. They can always change the rules AFTER the post season.

  • Ivan Cross Lvl 2

    To be clear, GT is bowl eligible now. If they lose to FSU they are not. The waiver is in effect only if GT loses to FSU. This is the same situation as UCLA last year, but the rule was changed to not allow waivers like this unless certain criteria were met, the first being that there were not 70 bowl eligible teams. There were 70, so GT should have not have received a waiver.

  • Kadeem Hooper Lvl 1

    What's that, MAC? Sorry, couldn't hear you while the money is talking.

  • Abe Herrera Lvl 3

    This is pretty stunning. CFB needs an overhaul. Super-conferences are the way to go so smaller conferences don't keep getting shafted this way. GT will lose to FSU and it'll be another mess.