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Robert Griffin III and the Cam Newton Experience

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  • Dean Lake Lvl 7

    Blog post by Michael Shaked

    At 7-3, Cam Newton sits atop the NFL media throne. One year ago the story read differently. The Carolina Panthers entered Week 12 of the 2012 season with a miserable 2-8 record. Newton had produced four solid performances with a Total QBR over 50, and six forgettable games under 50. After a magical rookie campaign—at least on an individual level—the term “sophomore slump” flew around blogs quite freely.

    Robert Griffin III is having the Cam Newton Experience a year later. In the midst of a dismal 3-7 start by the Washington Redskins, RGIII’s leadership has been questioned, his decision-making consistently held under a microscope, and development as a quarterback doubted. He too has more Total QBR scores under 50 than over it this season

    Is RGIII simply going through a Newton-like slump, or could this be a sign of his future?

  • Abel Tovar Lvl 4

    I think the media is being way too hard on RG3 and the media is making Cam out to be WAY better than he really is.

    RG3 not only had the pressure of repeating a great rookie season and fully recovering from a serious knee injury but now he had to do it all within a certain time frame because of that ridiculous Adidas "All In for Week 1" campaign. That's too much to put on a 2nd year QB while with Cam it's the complete opposite.

    There was no pressure on Cam to succeed this year. On top of that, he played like garbage vs SF(50% completion, 169 yards, 0TD, 1INT) and got saved by a bogus non-call at the end of the NE that would have most likely lost them the game. Yet somehow Cam has "turned it around?" I don't buy it. That defense is the reason the team is winning, not Cam.

  • Travis Pulver Lvl 3

    Just a sophomore slump; happens all the time. He didn't always look brilliant last year either, but since everyone is watching him now every error is magnified. He'll be fine; he just needs time.

  • Tyler Olson Lvl 6

    I think the media and every one else has every right to come down hard on RG3 for the main reason that during the off-season while recovering from his knee injury, he made everything from the Redskins organization and the whole up-coming NFL season all about himself.

    From allowing the media to document his recovery to pretty much calling out his coach with "operation patience", he's brought the microscope on himself. He made himself out to be the best thing the game has ever seen and allowed the media to play along. I don't feel bad for him whatsoever.

  • Micky Shaked Lvl 4

    @Tyler Olson I can't disagree with your point about the media, but I do think that people questioning his ability to be a star in the NFL is somewhat premature. Do you think a comeback performance in which he outshines Kaep tonight will change his doubters' tune?

  • Abel Tovar Lvl 4

    @Micky Shaked, so much for outshining Kap. He and his entire team were dominated by Kap and the 49ers.