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The Weakened New York Giants will lose at Washington Monday

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  • Asa Beal Lvl 6
    • By Asa Beal
    • Senior Analyst
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    There. I said it. The Giants barely escaped the first meeting. But absent Phillips and a run game, New York will be out of luck at FedEx Field. RGIII will run circles around the Giants, pulling his team that much closer to a postseason berth. Skins 27, Giants 23. What do you think?

  • Andrew Macina Lvl 3

    Not having Phillips is going to hurt a lot, but I still think the Giants will be able to contain RGIII enough

  • Acton Molina Lvl 2

    I was picking the Redskins to win before the Phillips injury. Certainly liking their chances even more now. 34-24

  • Bevis Stephens Lvl 3

    They'll manage to run ok if Bradshaw plays. Eli will win it for them, though it'll be close.

  • Sal Erickson Lvl 5

    If JPP doesn't play, THEN the Giants are in trouble.

  • Asa Beal Lvl 6

    Please, if you have watched them this year it's clear the pass rush is not up to their recent lofty standards. JPP cannot do it all by himself, stopping RGIII has to be a complete team effort.

  • Dean Lake Lvl 7

    I need a BIG day from RGIII to make the fantasy playoffs, so 42-29 Redskins. (I don't need no stinking logic)

  • Arka Ray Lvl 5

    Let us know how it goes, Dean!

  • Dean Lake Lvl 7

    Redskins win, but RGIII didn't do enough to get me the win. Needed three TDs from him and only got one.

  • Asa Beal Lvl 6

    Looks like I was right on point. Incredible what the kid can do with his legs. That magical fumble-handoff could have been disastrous, but RGIII seems to have a knack for the unbelievable

  • Andrew Macina Lvl 3

    He definitely didn't run circles around the Giants (except for one play that was more of a straight line than a circle). The Redskins offensive line completely shut down the Giants front 7 and allowed for an absurd 124 yards on 22 carries from Alfred Morris. The Giants could have won that game if it were not for very untimely penalties, and perhaps if the defense were remotely prepared for the spread option. As for the fumble-handoff.. could you be more lucky

  • Sal Erickson Lvl 5

    That's exactly it, don't think Shanahan and the coaching staff are getting enough credit for a really smart offensive gameplan featuring RG3. It's what Denver tried doing with Tebow to some extent, except RG3 is a muvh better runner and passer than Tebow, and the gameplan worked really well. Replay this game and the Giants win it by a TD or more.

  • Arka Ray Lvl 5

    Dean: Sorry about your fantasy loss, the Monday night letdowns always hurt the most.
    Btw, Stewart's posted the video of the magic-fumble and started a discussion on that remarkable play, if any of you wants to jump in.

  • Vinay Kuruvila Lvl 4

    No doubt RG3 was critical in Monday's victory, but the victory and turn-around in the Redskins season has come about because of 1. the return of Pierre Garcon (can't believe no one has mentioned this in this thread), 2. better offensive line play 3. better defense (the Redskins defense was such a joke for the first half of the season). RG3 has been playing well all year, but the supporting cast is now pulling their own weight.

  • Stewart B Putney Lvl 1

    Don't overheat on RGIII yet. W/out that crazy fumble play, they most likely lose that game. He makes his own luck, but it is better to just win than rely on good fortune (see Tebow, Tim). RGIII is way better, but will still struggle at times...