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Which of the remaining top three-seeded teams will NOT make the Sweet 16? Tell us to win a $35 Amazon Gift Card!

  • Posted in the NCAA community
  • Dean Lake Lvl 7

    Ten teams have beat higher seeded teams so far in the NCAA Tournament, including beating two teams with a 3 seed or higher - (2) Georgetown and (3) New Mexico. Will the madness of March continue?

    Tell us which of the remaining top three-seeded teams won't make it to the Sweet 16 and why they don't have what it takes to get there. We will pick the most interesting response to win a $35 Amazon Gift Card as part of the Athlete Swag - Sidelines March Madness Contests!.

    Saturday, March 23rd

    (6) Memphis vs (3) Michigan State

    (8) Colorado State vs (1) Louisville

    (6) Butler vs (3) Marquette

    (9) Wichita State vs (1) Gonzaga

    Sunday, March 24th

    (8) North Carolina vs (1) Kansas

    (9) Temple vs (1) Indiana

    (7) Illinois vs (2) Miami (FL)

    (7) Creighton vs (2) Duke

    (10) Iowa State vs (2) Ohio State

    (11) Minnesota vs (3) Florida

  • Felix Tate Lvl 3

    A lot of these higher seeds looked vulnerable in their first game, but it seems like it will be the high-seeded teams that played the strongest that will be beat. Why? Because March is full of surprises. But I'm thinking Kansas, Duke, Gonzaga, Florida, and Ohio State better watch out. Their opponents are playing with a lot of confidence!

  • NMcA Lvl 1

    Marquette has a good shot to get knocked off. One of the more overrated teams in the most overrated conference. The Big East is doing what it does best come March by shitting the bed. Despite losing to Butler earlier this season, Marquette comes into the game as the favorites by a slim margin. The first match-up was a real barnburner with three ties and four lead changes as Butler ended up grinding out a one point win. This game could possibly be a re-run although I think Butler will be able to handle them fairly well with a 6 or 7 point win. Marquette looked incredibly sloppy Friday but ended up pulling out a clutch win against a much inferior team. They won't be able to pull a stunt like that against a much better team. In recent years, Butler has played on a completely different level in the tournament. Brad Stevens has his team in the right mindset and his teams seem to peak at the right time. Look for Butler to pull off the next "upset."

  • Robert Kluth Lvl 1

    First off temple is gonna destroy Indiana. Why you ask? Well this one guy I know picked Temple to win the championships, and I'm pretty sure he's a prophet or something, so they have to win. Also Illinois will win over Miami simply because of the (FL) next to Miami. WHO DOESN'T KNOW WHERE MIAMI IS?? And finally Creighton will beat Duke because of their superior record and effective ball play. I had them picked to beat Duke in my brackets, that's how sure I am.

  • Trevor Roberts Lvl 5

    Robert there's an (FL) because their is also a University of Miami, Ohio who play in the NCAA.

  • Michael Walker Lvl 6

    #1 seed Gonzaga will lose to #9 seed Wichita State Saturday night in a supposedly hugh upset. I don't even consider it an upset if it happens. Gonzaga is way overrated.

  • Michael Briggs Lvl 4

    I picked Creighton over Duke before the tournament and I'm still sticking with them, I guess. They certainly didn't look overly impressive against Cincy, but the Bearcats are an athletic squad. We'll see just how much of a Giant Killer Creighton can beā€”Duke has a very solid team, but I like McDermott and their center Gregory Echenique (a Rutgers transfer). They're very good players who seem to make smart decisions in the final moments of close games.

  • Nick Heeb Lvl 3

    Never count out the Jayhawks to faceplant, especially when they're a number-one seed. Need I remind you of Bucknell? Or Northern Iowa? Or VCU? No, you're right, I don't need to remind you, we all remember those games quite well.

    I felt Marquette was a weak three-seed to begin with. I understand that they had a successful season in the Big East but the team is brutal from three-point range. The Golden Eagles were tied for 313th in the nation in three-point field goal percentage and when they match up against Butler today, you can guarantee Brad Stevens will pack it in and make Marquette beat them from the outside. In short, the likelihood of that happening is not good.

    Gonzaga looked shaky in the opening-round yet ultimately executed down the stretch and there is no doubt they have the guns to take down Wichita State. I have faith in the Bulldogs and expect them to be dancing into next week.

    The only reason Miami should be worried is because Illinois has Brandon Paul. Brandon Paul occasionally Brandon Pauls other teams and when Brandon Paul Brandon Pauls other teams, Illinois has a puncher's chance to knock off anyone (remember, Gonzaga?)

  • Aaron Bruder Lvl 5

    ^Nick, as an Illinois guy, that's one of the funniest/truest things ever written about our basketball team.

  • Dean Lake Lvl 7

    Yes, Marquette narrowly escaped in their opener, NMcA. I like to believe a close win helps a team, though. Marquette is a good team that played poorly. They'll bounce back with a strong performance today. Butler's Andrew Smith was a monster with 16 points and 14 rebounds against Bucknell, and Butler went to the line 28 times. They had Bucknell handled, but let them back into the game and gave up the lead. Butler's numerous trips to the foul line saved them. I don't see that happening against Marquette.

    Is Khalif's Wyatt's thumb injury going to affect his play, Robert? He is Temple's best player and he was barely able to finish the game. If he can't go, they have no chance against the Hoosiers who looked strong in their opener.

  • NMcA Lvl 1

    @dean. I hear you on the close win being a positive but I think it depends on the quality of the team you played to pick up that W. I think they're shook. Butler's a team that draws a lot of contact so expect them to get to the line. It also depends on how the refs call the game as far as the contact. We'll find out in a bit though.

  • Vance Keller Lvl 3

    Creighton is a tough team to figure out. They have a great player in McDermott and they have tourney experience, so those two things should help them in these tight games. On the other hand, they had a weak schedule and lost to some pretty bad teams mid-season. They seem to be playing well now, though. They haven't faced a team of Duke's caliber this year.

    Duke did not look dominant in their game against Albany, but I believe they are a more battle-tested team and have more overall talent than Creighton. Plumlee is too much for Creighton to handle in the middle. Duke takes this game.

  • Ivan Cross Lvl 2

    Iowa State is a very dangerous team. I wouldn't put too much stock into their trouncing of Notre Dame (the Irish always fold come tourney time), but they played a tough schedule and match up well against the Buckeyes. I like the Cyclones over the Buckeyes.

    I also think the Tar Heels have a good shot at taking down Kansas, too. I don't think NC is a great team, but I'm not convinced Kansas is as focused as they need to be. North Carolina for the win!

  • Ally Fenz Lvl 5

    I think Butler is going to take it to Marquette. They're a perennial tournament darling. I originally thought Bucknell was going to beat them, and I thought Davidson had Marquette in the bag.Given the way those two games turned out, and they way they went over all, I'm picking Butler.

  • Carson O. Lvl 1

    Kansas won't make it. North Carolina will give them a tough battle to the end, and will eventually come out on top. NC has a very good coach that will also help.

  • Corey Heck Lvl 1

    Kansas just because of how poorly they played against Western Kentucky, barely beating them and struggling the entire game. Plus they are playing North Carolina, who I think will catch fire from the 3 point line (something they almost always make) in that game.

  • Michael Walker Lvl 6

    Interesting matchup, Ally. I have to go with Marquette. The competition they face in Big East basketball is substantial, regardless of their weaknesses in football. For a mocha , perhaps?

  • Ally Fenz Lvl 5

    I can go along with that, Michael. Virtual latte, an interesting concept. :^)

  • Kyle Lvl 4

    Call me crazy, but I think that Minnesota has what it takes to take down the Gators. They had a great regular season in a truly brutal B1G conference and really beat down any non-conference foe. The Gators have a 3 seed, but they come out of the historically prestigious because it is a good football conference SEC that is not all that impressive at basketball.

  • Ally Fenz Lvl 5

    [HTML_REMOVED] Why do I watch basketball? Where do you want your coffee, Michael?

  • Ally Fenz Lvl 5

    Hmmm, the editor didn't like my sigh. Perhaps it should have been (Sigh.)

  • Michael Walker Lvl 6

    The bottom line here is: Marquette, Wichita State, Louisville and Michigan State move on. For the record Syracuse is also winning. Good for all of them. No time for anyone to gloat because it ain't over. What matters now is who wins next? OK, I gotta say it, was Gonzaga overrated again or what?

  • Michael Walker Lvl 6

    I'd like my coffee at Tiffany's. This one:

  • Ally Fenz Lvl 5

    Surprisingly enough, Tiffany's is doable. Saturday?

  • Ally Fenz Lvl 5

    And back to the thread...since my bracket is blown, and I'm playing with my heart instead of my head, I'm looking at 8 North Carolina over 1 Kansas. My bracket says differently. And believe me, it pains me to root for NC.

  • Greg Hein Lvl 1

    I think Butler win over run Marquette, Butler looked really solid im the 2nd round?

  • Dean Lake Lvl 7

    Kyle, that Florida defense looks very tough, holding their opponents to 37.7 fg%. The Gophers shoot 44.5%, which is not very good. If Minnesota is going to win this, they'll have to also play great defense and keep they game close. Do you think they can hold the Gators?

  • Ivan Cross Lvl 2

    I was sooooooo close on my Iowa State pick. Refs took it away from them on that foul call.

    Ally and Greg, nice call on the Butler pick. They almost pulled it off.

  • Ally Fenz Lvl 5

    Thanks, Ivan. I've bitten more nails down to the nubs during this March than ever before. I guess that's why they call it Madness.

  • Dean Lake Lvl 7

    Temple gave the Hoosiers a scare, Robert. You still like Illinois and Creighton? Seems like the higher seeds are on a roll today.

  • Anthony Lepore Lvl 3

    The higher seeds are definitely getting scares so far today, including Kansas as we speak. But in the end, I see Miami and Duke both winning the late games tonight.

  • Dean Lake Lvl 7

    Kansas looks to be in trouble now, Anthony. Will they be the first victim today?

  • Patrick Wilcox Lvl 3

    These high seeds today seem to all be making big comebacks to win. Don't count the Jayhawks out yet. Expect Minnesota to make a run at some point.

  • Andy Serbe Lvl 4

    Looks like Minnesota isn't out yet, and the JayHawks have something to worry about. I call UNC more likely to pull the upset though.

  • Ally Fenz Lvl 5

    I think I've got this bracket business figured out: all I have to do is root for the team that is NOT on my bracket. Bye bye, NC.

  • Lee Durstock Lvl 4

    Well even before Saturday I would have said Gonzaga looked poised to be upset. They played a great game against Wichita St. but in the end it wasn't enough. If you were to look at Kansas from Friday's perspective, they had a tough time getting through that WKU team but then breezed right through UNC on Sunday. I think that WKU team just came out ready to play and Kansas went into the game thinking it was going to be a breeze. Picking between the three left now, I'd say Indiana will go out first and Louisville is just the team to beat right now. The money is on Louisville to win it all.