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Gaming Community Co-Editor, English graduate, and tabletop gaming enthusiast from Portland, Oregon. I love Star Wars, H.P. Lovecraft, and anything Simon Pegg touches. I Dungeon Master at our Local Game Store, but my favorite RPG is actually Legend of the Five Rings.
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1 year ago

"Us" time & "Me" time - where's the balance?

At the risk of making a post that sounds like a way too personal blog, I'm gonna write a little about my relationship. It's a millennial thing, I suppose, talking in public forums about issues we're having ...

MOBA-lization: Where should the uninitiated player begin?

Let me begin this post with a confession: Though I am a lifelong gamer, I am not a competitive gamer. While I’m adequately skilled at online shooters like Halo (ask @Brady Lee , we’ve been to several LANs with ...

Dungeons and Dragons returns to Ravenloft

About a week ago, the Dungeons and Dragons team announced that their next released campaign book would return players to the classic realm of Ravenloft, D&D's gothic horror setting (and the inspiration for the name of my apartment ...

2 years ago

Fallout Face-Off voting!

Alright friends, the entries are in. @Daniel Rona's entry was technically outside the specified bounds of the contest, but we'll allow him to enter for rep awards anyway.

So, for lookalike voting, you have

@Michael Loving's Bruce ...

Gaming Community Event: Fallout 4 Face Off!!

Alright Sideliners - we hope you've had a good Thanksgiving, and that, stuffed with unirradiated turkey (and hopefully non-Insta Mashed Potatoes), you're ready to return once more to the Wasteland, where food is much less abundant. We're ...

Fallout ala Mod: What Mods do you want?

Bethesda games have always had a huge modding community. I have a friend who plays Skyrim with over 250 mods installed (hunger, thirst, hypothermia, diseases, realistic damage and healing... He basically makes the game nigh-unplayably hard), and Skyrim has nothing ...

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1 year ago

Gothic and dark. The Ravenloft setting is ruled by semi-Lovecraftian Dark Powers, who are the de facto gods of the dimension. They ensure that the unfortunate residents of Ravenloft (who are often drawn in accidentally, ala Silent Hill) are oppressed ...

@AJ Demafelix thanks for coming back! Your post, along with @Ben Bagamery's recent one, remain two of our best articles on the topic of MOBAs. My friend isn't a gamer, she hasn't ever played a computer game ...

@Emily Mason nothing wrong with commenting on old posts, it saves us getting multiple posts on identical topics :)

And I agree about the music selection and controller functionality being better in Guitar Hero. I actually went out and got almost ...

@Scott Baptista & @Ashley Muldoon to this day, I still have the soundtrack for that movie. I do not know why, but it's on the shelf with all the rest of my CDs.

@Ashley Muldoon check your steam inventory, I have dozens of cards (most from Steam sales, primarily the summer one when I have money). I've never used them for anything, either, and would consider "selling" them if the $0.06 ...

He may be more of a Sidekick than a minor character, but I love Chester from Don't Starve. That breathy, bouncy bundle of fur is probably the best character in the game. Chester is actually so popular that Klei ...

I don't think an American release of this game could take itself seriously. As a result, I think any attempt at casting a voice actor should consider someone who can play the role tongue-in-cheek. My first thoughts were Nathan ...

I haven't played Darkest since the full release came out; I'm due to return to the estate and see how things have changed in my absence. The last time I played I lost almost a full team of ...

If it happens, I see it working in a "game" like Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain, @Daniel Rona, where it's more of an interactive narrative than a "game." And I could see something like the "Kara" tech demo (which ...

My best friends got Pokémon when it came out, Matt was 9, and Jeff and I were 7, I think. I remember seeing Matt playing it while Jeff had a basketball game. I remember nothing about the sportsing, but I ...

@Ashley Muldoon, it isn't my favorite. I like the random ones, like where your whole hand is unstable portals, or webspinners, or you just get a randomly-assigned deck – I feel like that draws more skill from the players. Anyone ...

 In reply to Mechazod

I noped my way right out of Amnesia after you run into the first humaniod monster where you have to just hide. I didn't know what to do, being unable to defend myself in any way, and it found ...

 In reply to Game-Induced Fears
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