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Sidelines Entertainment Senior Writer! I'm a transplant from South Jersey to rural Japan. Cooking, eating, traveling, and the planning thereof occupy most of my free time. Movies, TV and games provide a welcome distraction from a thrilling life surrounded by rice fields, old people, and students who can't seem to learn the alphabet.
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1 year ago

Sidelines 2016 Oscar Predictions contest!

Hi, movie-loving Sideliners! We're here again with a chance to predict the future & win plenty of rep. Put on your 3D glasses or your favorite Criterion Collection Blu-Ray and let's get cinematic! The 2016 Oscar Predictions Contest has ...

Karaoke? On *MY* 3DS? It's more likely than you think!

Soundproofers of America, rejoice! As I tour both coasts of our great nation, I bring with me a weapon of aural destruction: my Japanese 3DS LL and a freshly downloaded copy of Karaoke Joysound by XING. So far, I haven ...

The truth is... well, you know the rest. 'The X-Files' are re-opened!

After a pretty one-sided NFC Championship game yesterday, it was very kind of FOX to air a program with actual entertainment value in the next time slot. I'm talking, of course, about the highly-anticipated, teased-for-months return of The X-Files ...

'Doug Loves Movies' and I love live tapings!

The weather in Seattle yesterday was unusually rainy. Those of us lined up at the Neptune Theater weren't being lightly drizzled upon. No, no - Mother Nature decided to go full force with torrential downpours, umbrella-busting wind, and sideways rain ...

2016 Oscar Nominations: 'Max' has no reason to be mad, but maybe Tarantino does.

It's awards season, you guys! Time to scrounge up the little money we have left over after Christmas spending and use it to buy some movie tickets. Let the list of Academy Award nominations be your guide as you ...

My love of seltzer water bubbles over!

Bubbly. A little sweet. Healthy. These words might describe your best friend, if he or she is super-awesome. But they also are apt descriptors for the nectar of the gods: seltzer water! If you’re not from the American Northeast ...

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1 year ago

Thanks for your nominations, everyone! Data will be tabulated and the winner announced later this week! (Y'know, a winner other than Leo!)

Thanks for your picks, @Jill Koly , @mickeybracey and @Nick Ostiller! Everyone else still has a few weeks to enter!

@Jack Albert - Honestly, I haven't used Snakku. I took a look at what they have on sale, and the prices are way too marked up for what you're getting. They seem to take souvenir omiyage boxes from different ...

It was a very strange year for Super Bowl commercials, but I was quite pleased by the sheer number of adorable animals on display! I liked the galloping puppies dressed as hot dogs especially.

I was mostly confused by the ...

I'll go with... 7.5 for Firewatch and a 6.8 for Far Cry Primal. Lowballin' all the way!

Good advice, @Amie Cuhaciyan! I gotta add to the list: Kayak, Kayak, Kayak! It's still my favorite search engine for airfare domestically or internationally, mostly because it seems to do a better job of including ultra-budget airlines (AirAsia, Ryanair ...

I have so many favorites, @Giselle Davenport! Australia's Cherry Ripe is one of the best chocolate bars on the planet, for starters. On the savory side, I love Japan's limited edition flavor snacks, particularly the parade of Pringles ...

 In reply to Out of Country Taste

My least favorite chore, by far, is dusting. It feels like I can spend hours dusting/sweeping... and then one little dusty fluffball is left on the spot I cleaned five minutes ago. Heaven help me when I discover that ...

I plan on picking this up the moment it drops on the eShop, @Ashley Muldoon! The game looks super-crazy and completely out of left field, which is rare for Nintendo. I know Japan loves their crime investigation-type games (looking at ...

@Ashley Muldoon - I don't think this would work with a hacked DS, but it would work with any standard Japanese 3DS! Since the product just launched this past August, I bet it'll have legs - you should be able ...

@Conor Howley - It's like someone put Duchovny and Anderson into some sort of cryogenic freezer, then thawed them out for the purposes of this reboot. OR MAYBE they're clones of the two characters and they've been resting ...

Congratulations, @Giselle Davenport! It was a really eye-opening article for me.

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