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Hello, my name is Chris. Well, kind of. It is my writer's name. My real name is Bryan. I got to University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh for a BS in Chemistry with a Biomolecular Sciences emphasis. I am 23 years old and lived in Wisconsin all my life. Video games has always been a passion of mine and I love to write about them, specifically about narrative. As a hobbyist writer, I find storytelling intriguing as it moves across mediums. I see Sidelines as a fantastic opportunity to finally give voice to my opinions and to discuss it with other people. Whether right or wrong, I love to hear what people have to say.
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2 years ago

My GOTY is Undertale

A turn-based RPG in the same vein as Earthbound on PC released on Sept. 9th, 2015. As a uniquely retro-looking game that includes many different decisions and meta. As one walks through the Underground, he/she will experience something that ...

Konami V. Kojima: Extraordinary reaction or just Japanese Culture

As a person who loves Kojima and everything that he makes, I have been invested heavily in the drama between him and Konami. It started out with Konami erasing Kojima from the executive list, his company from MGSV website and ...

Mini-Review: Until Dawn

TL;DR: Fun, exciting, and all around a good time, especially if you love slasher flicks

If anybody can attest to a horror game, it is I. From a long line of horror exploits, I have come to see myself ...

“I'd See That Again,”- How Do We Decide Which Movies Are Worth A Second Watch

After just coming out of Jurassic World, I came to the conclusion that I really enjoyed it, probably on the same level as the original Jurassic Park all those years ago. However, after much thought, I have no desire to ...

From the Brothers Grimm to Goosebumps: The evolving nature of ‘Kid-friendly' Entertainment

As highly anticipated movies like Goosebumps and Hotel Transylvania 2 get released this Fall, it reminds me of a discussion I once had about the changing view of the genre “Kid-Friendly”.

Granted, this discussion didn’t involve Horror, per say ...

Spinoffs and sequels that meet our expectations

Let’s face it, sequels are inevitable, like death and taxes. Most cases, the sequels are well below the standard the previous installment has set, but sometimes, a ray of sunlight shines through and a truly amazing sequel is shown ...

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1 year ago

Undertale is what of the few games I would consider art. People talk about Dear Esther, Gone Home, and Life is Strange, but Undertale is the only game that feels like you are truly playing a game while experiencing the ...

Undetale has a direct line to older titles. Undertale literally started as a Earthbound mod/hack. It was spread around the Earthbound community and hit kickstarter and got funded extremely fast due to its excitement and happiness it brought Earthbound ...

Undertale is a game that isn't going to get a sequel sadly, but a game that inspires other on how to make a proper rpg. What do I mean by that? Well, for one, it will give birth to ...

Yay! Thanks @Max Zaleski This was a hardcore debate.

If one thing stands out it is the characters. Hell, go to tumblr or divantart some time a look at all the drawing and comics about these characters. It has something for everyone. This is the only game involving homosexual ...

Undertale is a game that is set back in the 1980s graphically. The idea that if a game can still be enjoyable to look at from 1980s can still look good today is a sign that it is a time-tested ...

Undertale is extremely unique. From it's artstyle to it's battle system, Undertale provides something that will amaze anybody, especially those who grew up the NES and SNES. The combat is interesting and challenging. If you want to fight ...

The closest thing to fighting Goliath as David that I will ever see lol

I am part of the group who hasn't watched the original trilogy until like 4 years ago. I enjoy theme, it wasn't the second coming of christ, but it was good. I never minded the prequels. The first ...

2 years ago

Honestly, why would people expect a turn-based game? No liked those for the past several years, with the only exception being Persona. I think this is a much better choice and I actually love how they kept it scene for ...

Maybe if someone wasn't obsessed with the extra 2 gold!

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