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Love MLB, the New York Mets, and I'm a Bitcoin journalist for CCN. If you need someone to educate the masses on these topics, let me know. Here's a link to my Bitcoin writing, which I earn a living with, so you need someone to write about economics or digital currency let me know: https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/author/evandersmart/ https://plus.google.com/b/116595312622684866423/116595312622684866423/posts
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2 years ago

Clippers Finish Epic Collapse in Houston; Doc Rivers Responsible

You can look at this from the Houston Rockets' point of view or from the Los Angeles Clippers' vantage point. The Rockets deserve all the credit, dominating the Clippers in the 4th quarter of Game 6 to take the series ...

When Drafting the Best Defensive Player in the 2015 NFL Draft is not a Good Thing

The NFL Draft was really devoid of the usual drama last night. No blockbuster trades worthy of dissection. No super-surprising draft picks in the Top 10. Everything went quickly and quietly as planned in many "Mock Drafts". It was so ...

Clippers Defeat San Antonio and Force a Game 7 in L.A.: Who you got?

The Los Angeles Clippers, who have already lost two games they probably should've won in Los Angeles, collect their most impressive win of the season in San Antonio on Thursday night. They defeated the defending champs 102-96 to force ...

Blake Griffin Proves to be the Weakest Link in pivotal Los Angeles Clippers Defeat

Love to watch Blake Griffin play basketball. Have watched at least forty Clippers games this season. The man is immensely talented, and has worked extremely hard to improve his game over the last 3 years. he can now hit 18 ...

The NFL Draft is Thursday. Who's your "Draft Crush"?

You have a favorite football team, right? If you were the GM of your team, and had control of all of your picks, who would you get? Who fits your team's needs perfectly? Who would you trade up, or ...

Marcus Mariota: Is he Tim Tebow 2.0?

You hear a lot of things about Marcus Mariota. He's very smart. He's a great face for any franchise. He can run really fast, and is a better athlete than Jameis Winston. These are all the accolades you ...

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2 years ago

Bulls have a lot of depth, so having a weak bench might eliminate the Cavs against them. If Rose is at the top of his game, the Bulls have the edge.

Major blow. I'd start Tristan Thompson, but that really dilutes their bench. If Thompson plays like Kevin Love, they'll get out of the East. Looks like it's the Year of the Warriors!

If you disagree with Kiper on Gordon that's fine, but I'll take his opinion over yours. He calls him a first-round talent, which is different from where he may or may not get drafted.

And Mel Kiper says Gordon is a first round talent and should be drafted in the first round.
He is the best in the class, since Gurley has a ...

Every draft expert has him going in the top-10, but admits he's far from Top 10 talent. He's more like a second round pick. But the class is so weak in QBs, he moves way up and gets ...

I said trade down to #15-20 to get Gordon and more picks.

Harvey is the real deal. That is a TOUGH stadium to pitch in! Every line drive can go out of the park! Collins pitching him 8 2/3 in a April game is pretty stupid. The guy is on an ...

The problem with the Titans is they need about 10 guys. This kid Williams looks like the real deal. Next Suh?

Like the NBA needs more money. Excuse them for being sellouts. Taking a step down towards Nasacar. That's who they want to emulate?

That Leonard Williams looks like a beast. Hard to pass up on him. He says he can play DE or DT, anywhere on the line. Looks up to JJ Watt.

AP has all the money he'll ever need. he was paid $13M to play one game last season. He has never won, and the Vikings are a long way from being a winner. He already has a legacy as ...

Fortunately for the Yankees, they'll face Jon Niese on ESPN Sunday Night baseball, and not get dominated on National TV by matt harvey or Jacob deGrom, otherwise known as The dark Knight and deBoom. They will beat the Bronx ...

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