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I am a wife and a mother. I used to teach high school social studies before becoming a homeschooling mom. As my son prepares to graduate this spring, I find myself at a crossroads asking myself what I want to do with the rest of my life. Besides my family, my passions are traveling, all things Disney-related, pottery, music & reading.
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2 years ago

Where did jeans come from? Picking through myth and reality

Jeans are such a part of the national fabric (no pun intended) that it might be surprising to learn that the term “jeans” didn’t really stick until the late 1950s/early 1960s. Way back in 1873, “waist overalls” were ...

Aruba, Jamaica, Ooh I Wanna Take Ya - I Won a Trip to ARUBA! What's the Biggest Prize You've Ever Won?

I won my first prize through a now defunct color-safe bleach company when I was about 11. I was doing a load of laundry and noticed a white plastic strip that had to be pulled from the bottle. On it ...

Mirror, Mirror or How Old Robot?

C'mon, admit it. You tried the How Old Do I Look? Robot or you've been tempted to. After seeing several friends and acquaintances posting their results, I succumbed to “peer pressure” or temptation and plugged in a few ...

Grandmas Make the World Go 'Round

I just saw a little joke on Facebook that made me really laugh out loud. It was a tiny bit on the naughty side but not really ugly. It made me think of my Grandma Lola who loved stuff like ...

Ra-koo, Roo-ku, Hulu, Hula Hoop?

Ra-koo, Roo-ku, Hulu, hula hoop? I honestly can’t keep up with all of the names of these thing-a-ma-jigs. I’ve never been on the cutting edge of technology. I still think my Iphone 4 is just fine, thank you ...

I miss Mayberry - What TV shows do you have a strong emotional connection to?

Over the years, favorite t.v. shows have come and gone. Thanks to DVDS, syndication, Netflix and other streaming sites, oftentimes we can revisit them. Watching old t.v. shows can take us back to favorite times of our lives ...

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2 years ago

@Lindsey Chapman Next week my son will graduate after being homeschooled since Kindergarten. It's been a while since someone said to me, "I don't know how you do it." But I got that a lot the first few ...

@Avery Schwartz Sweepstaking can be an awesome hobby but I'd say that the heyday was about 10 years ago. Companies were giving away Mini Coopers like they were M&Ms. Nowadays, you'd be lucky to get the M ...

Absolute, @Terrianne Webster, there is no such thing as "World's Best Mom." We'd all be better for it if we could just blast that from the rooftops!

 In reply to A Single Mother's Day

@Terrianne Webster I hate that "she's not getting any younger" expression, too. People use it a lot to imply that if a woman is going to have children, she needs to get going. I acknowledge that there is a ...

@Amie Cuhaciyan This piece is heart-breaking and beautiful. My mother-in-law was in a similar situation when he was very young. They didn't have it easy. But they have an unbreakable bond now that I know was forged in those ...

 In reply to A Single Mother's Day

@Amie Cuhaciyan We live in a military town and I suppose most prizes here are for restaurants. We have most every chain restaurant there is here.

@Amie Cuhaciyan I wish that I could say that I could have a good laugh at my expense but I'm not so sure I could have. @Lindsey Chapman I am not completed reconciled with getting older (who is?) or ...

@Lindsey Chapman Your Grandmother Rosie sounds like a wonderful lady. Both you & @Terrianne Webster made me go on a search for some of my grandmother's handwriting. I used to write her every week after I left for college, but ...

@Lindsey Chapman What a thoughtful piece. I can't even imagine, won't let myself imagine life without my mother. My heart goes out to anyone who finds pain in this special holiday.

@Amie Cuhaciyan I was trying to tag you on my phone earlier & accidentally tagged someone else and left a strange reply. Anyway, I like freebies, too. I think someone who loves sweeping would oftentimes like gambling, too. But when we ...

@Dito Rayskiy I would love to travel to Budapest. We lived in eastern Germany and I visited the Czech Republic several times. Prague is a fairytale city. I would love to go back some day.

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