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Since I was young I have always loved playing and watching sport, and I have a passion for talking and writing about sport. I love that a lot of sports talk is subjective, and I love having intellectual discussions with other fans that have varying opinions.
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1 year ago

NFL Power Rankings: Free Agency Edition

The new NFL season officially gets underway with the opening of free agency today, and it’s only right that we get it started with some very early power rankings. We’ll be putting these out at different stages of ...

Upcoming NFL Free Agents That Their Current Teams Need Re-sign

With less than a month until NFL free agency gets underway, and only one day until teams can start handing out their franchise and transition tags, we should probably look at some of the upcoming free agents who are either ...

Which NBA Team has Surprised us Most This Season?

We are now entering the NBA All Star weekend, which signifies a rough halfway point in the NBA season with most teams having played around 65% of their games. By now, we have a good idea of which teams are ...

What is Next for Johnny Manziel?

After another alleged incident involving quarterback Johnny Manziel last week the Cleveland Browns held a press conference today saying that Manizel’s long list of similar incidents over the past two years “undermines the hard work of his teammates and ...

AFC Championship Game: New England Patriots vs Denver Broncos Live Blog

With just three games left in the NFL season (no, the Pro Bowl doesn’t count), we enter Championship Weekend with just four teams left in the competition, and in just a few hours our Super Bowl matchup will be ...

NFL Playoffs: Kansas City Chiefs vs. New England Patriots Live Discussion

Possibly the best weekend in American sport begins this evening as the divisional round of the NFL playoffs get underway with the Kansas City Chiefs heading to Foxborough to face the New England Patriots. With the two teams trending in ...

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10 months ago

Very American advertising

Money grabbing

Where's the exit?

@Tucker Pettigrew In regards to your final question, the simple answer is yes. I know that his rushing stats have not been the best in the playoffs, but he's only had two games all year with 20+ carries, and ...

As I said previously, the impact Vic Beasley can have on this game is severely limited by the Patriots offense and their ability to get the ball out of Brady’s hands before the pass rush can even get close ...

The obvious pick here would be Julio Jones, as he is easily the best player on either team not named Brady or Ryan, but I’m actually going to go back to my first answer and select Devonta Freeman as ...

It is clear that we have taken very different routes in tackling this question @Peter Benson, and as for your two factors I agree that one of them has had a big effect on the declining ratings, but I am ...

Again, this is another interesting question with many different answers, but I think that there are two clear factors that also happened to be linked, so I will try to combine them into one answer, and hopefully it doesn’t ...

You're right, I haven't said what will happen, and while I think the Patriots do have a chance of stopping the Falcons due to the genius and experience of Belichick and his coaching staff, but ultimately I think ...

It's funny because I think it will be a recurring theme tonight, as your main rebuttal point is the same as mine, but for the other team, as I think it's going to be just as difficult for ...

This is certainly a very interesting question, as for the first time in several years we will not be seeing a dominant defense in the Super Bowl, and it’s very likely that the key to winning this game will ...

1 year ago

The question of which conference will be the most dominant is a hard one as there are a couple of ways you can go about answering it. One way is to assess median dominance across the whole conference, but when ...

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