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I am a teacher, a gamer, and a mother of 7 year old twins. I love to share my experiences to try to help out other people who are going through what I have been through to help them learn from my mistakes and adventures.
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2 years ago

How can parents make the most of summer break?

"I'm bored."

"Are we there yet?"

We've all heard it. Kids complaining about the plans we have made for summer or the lack thereof. With 12 weeks off from school, we have a lot of time to fill ...

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2 years ago

When I signed up for my cell phone service with Verizon last Christmas, they had different options. They had a plan where you don't get a discount on your phone, but pay less monthly. You can then make payments ...

This has been completely unintentional, but has been great at keeping the kids interested and busy. We are moving at the end of the month, so I have been cleaning out closets and packing for the past week. While I ...

@Terrianne Webster I know a few people who really get into the celebrity news. It doesn't really interest me, but they see it as a way of connecting with people. When you live in a small community, people talk ...

@Teresa Marchant Dogs absolutely have their own personalities! I grew up with family dogs and each one was unique. I am sad that my kids are missing out on some of the great experiences I had with my dogs. I ...

Living in an apartment, we cannot have a dog. However, we recently adopted 2 kittens. I was honestly shocked at how much these kittens made an impact on my boys' lives. My son is constantly holding a kitten and sleeps ...

@Teresa Marchant, safety is always very important in the water. In a lake or ocean, it is even more important to emphasize the safety rules and to actively supervise children. With any natural body of water, the depth can be ...

@Connie Donahue, What a wonderful idea! Children get an opportunity to learn from the perspectives of the elderly and the elderly have an opportunity to share their stories and experiences. In the past, the elderly have been a much bigger ...

@Connie Donahue Sounds like you have some great family traditions and activities planned. I think it is really important to focus on finding activities and camps that revolve around your son's interests. @Teresa Marchant Mini vacations are a fun ...

@Patrick Zimmerman I feel the same way! It sounds like a lot of fun, but I would have to invest the time and money into making sure I got it exactly how I want. I have made basic Halloween costumes ...

It is really hard to keep a consistent bedtime for the summer, especially with daylight savings time! My children absolutely will not sleep when the sun is up. They end up going to bed shortly after sunset most of the ...

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@Lindsey Chapman my twins are such picky eaters! It is really frustrating for me because they aren't even picky about the same foods. One of them hates all meat except for plain chicken and loves fruits, salsa, and certain ...

@Wilberto Robles, I love that idea! It also gives kids a chance to reflect on the year at the end and look back over all the hard work they have done. I could see this being an opportunity for him ...

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