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I'm Innes, a 16 year old student from Scotland who loves to play video games! I've been playing games since the early age of 3, ever since I first played Rayman 2: The Great Escape on the PC. I'm also a huge wrestling fan and put up my predictions and live blogs of every WWE PPV and special event, right here on Sidelines!
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2 years ago

Seth Rollins Injured at Dublin Live Event: New Champion To Be Crowned At Survivor Series

So you some of you may have heard rumors that Seth Rollins, the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion and (in my opinion) one of the best wrestlers on the roster currently, was injured at a WWE Live Event in Dublin ...

TotalBiscuit's Colon Cancer Has Gone Terminal

For those of you who may not keep up with Totalbiscuit's Twitter account, he announced a few hours ago that his CT scan did not come back negative as was hopefully going to be the case; instead, it revealed ...

WWE Madison Square Garden Live Event - Live Blog!

The second special broadcast of a WWE Live Event is here with the live event from New York's own Madison Square Garden being broadcast only on the WWE Network" Tonight, we'll see Brock Lesnar take Big Show to ...

Nintendo of Japan Just Doesn't Understand YouTube...

Nintendo is (and will always be) one of my all-time favorite video game developers. They caused the rekindling of my love of video games back in 2007, thanks to Pokemon Diamond and without them, I probably wouldn't be writing ...

Los Santos References: The Easter Eggs of Grand Theft Auto V

Easter Eggs; those little references we find occasionally that parody or subtlety hint at other games in an often comedic manner. There was the Minecraft easter egg in Borderlands 2, where there was a whole area filled with ore from ...

Will World of Warcraft Die, if Legion Turns Out Badly?

Will World of Warcraft ever die? It’s a question that’s been asked ever since the game’s release; many MMO ‘fans’ have been shouting “WoW is going to die!”, “(Insert any MMO released between 2004 and now) is ...

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2 years ago

Holy shit, I just realised this is the first PPV where my predictions were 100% correct. Considering how I'm usually wrong about most of my predictions, that just shows you how predictable 90% of the matches of Survivor Series ...


Roman Reigns vs Alberto Del Rio (WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semi-Finals Match): Roman Reigns Wins - Yet another quite obvious outcome, since there is NO WAY that the WWE are going let put Del Rio, who is currently perceived ...

I think this PPV's card is sadly one of the most lackluster cards of the year, with the only matches I'm interested in because they don't have a completely predictable outcomes being Charlotte Vs. Paige for the ...

@Ashley Muldoon I've heard that the FIFA games have quite decent commentary, other than that though, sports commentary is usually quite sub-par in games and is especially evident in WWE games.

2K16 is definitely a step in the right direction for the WWE 2K series; I only wish I could play it (Damn PS4 breaking as soon as I got the game)...

I got the same overall feeling from the trailer @Daniel'Rivas vas Muldoon but there's at least one standard I expect this movie to reach. That is to become the best goddamn video game-based movie of all time, which ...

I've heard about 17Hats in the past from a quick look around from the start of my 15 day trial, it looks very useful. I might try and use it for when I try and expand into freelance journalism ...

It really depends on one of two emotions: If i'm angry or feel aggressive in some way, I have a slight obsession with going into Grand Theft Auto V, turning the moon gravity and super jump cheats then just ...

 In reply to Depression and Gaming

Daniel Bryan, as some of you suggested, wouldn't be a bad idea either, however with WWE literally not allowing him to wrestle (even though he's been cleared by doctors) because of all the injuries lately, I doubt we ...


I was not expecting Joe to betray Balor at all! There were zero signs of it and it was completely out of nowhere; everyone was expecting heel Balor ...

@Just-In-Time JM I wouldn't exactly say "his much deserved push". Don't get me wrong, I'm pro-Reigns but I really don't think a push to the championship would be as well received as something like Heel Ambrose ...

@Noah DiPasquale I really don't think people would be happy with Ryback as champion. Maybe a year or so ago before I started watching wrestling again he as you say, but considering his last few matches/rivalries haven't ...

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