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I am a very passionate gamer and filmmaker. Both of these have changed or guided me on the path I am currently on now in some form or another as I've grown up. Gaming is a medium that I believe is misunderstood and hijacked by just about anyone and dressed up to make it something it's not and movies, in my opinion, are becoming less about taking the audience on a journey and more about how much money the studio can make by rehashing another comic book movie.
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2 years ago

Fallout is amazing! Now lets think about Elder Scrolls

The Fallout 4 hype is real, and we all know how amazing and fun the game is (though some of us have dissenting opinions). I know we can all talk about Fallout for the next few months, but let’s ...

To Buy or Not to Buy

When it comes to console releases, you have three groups of people: Those who buy it day one, those who wait, and those who never buy it at all. Lets look at the first two, shall we?

Some say consoles ...

Trailer Launched: Warcraft

Today was the big day at BlizzCon 2015, where the first ever look at the Warcraft movie trailer launched and we finally got to see what exactly we're in for. Now when it comes to Warcraft, I'm pretty ...

How can we raise & teach media-savvy young people?

Teaching children, anything, heavily relies on just two types of people: parents and teachers. If both of these outlets aren’t maintaining a high standard, that means a more likely poor outcome for education, especially when they’re inundated with ...

Seriously serial: Taking a story and stretching it for decades of comic consumption

It’s a difficult task to create a story with interesting characters and a good plot when writing, say, a book. Now keep that up for five, ten, thirty, or sixty years. Comics, web or paperback, find are an interesting ...

Showing your moves: The future of VR and motion control

What a time to be a gamer. Things like motion controls and VR are not new, and they’ve been toyed with in the past. The Atari 2600 had a wireless controller, the Virtual Boy was Nintendo’s attempt at ...

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1 year ago

One of the first times I played FF10 I had no idea what the Sphere Grid was or how to use it. I kinda ignored the tutorial about it. I played through the first few hours of the game plowing ...

I say that Far Cry Primal gets a solid 9. Why? Two reasons; The last few Far Cry titles have gotten 8-9 scores. I think the premise is also interesting idea, it being the dawn of modern man.

As for ...

I say that Far Cry Primal gets a solid 9. Why? Two reasons; The last few Far Cry titles have gotten 8-9 scores. I think the premise is also interesting idea, it being the dawn of modern man.

As for ...

This is just, to put it simply, a TERRIBLE idea. You said it best @Max Zaleski, "Most people will want the old games that they used to play, not games that are like the other games they used to play ...

2 years ago

Voice acting was going to happen, whether people wanted it or not. It's like the silent films of the 1910's through the early 1930's. Everyone loved them; heck, I love a lot of them myself. Buster Keaton ...

@Michael Loving I really didn't have a problem with the "find Shaun" route that the game has given us. Every Fallout game, more or less, is always a "go find this" when you leave the Vault. Fallout 3 you ...

The problem with Ubisoft is that they're pretty much limiting themselves to one or maybe franchises that they've driven so hard into the ground that no one is interested anymore. I for one couldn't care less about ...

I answered in the Stream most of your questions @Avery Schwartz but due to technical difficulties no one probably heard them. xD

The reason I chose F.E.A.R. is because it's one of my favorite games. It ...

@Michael Loving I would suggest for you, Mount & Blade

I like: Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

I dislike: Grand Turismo

@Max Zaleski Are you telling me that you're not a hardcore fan of Street Fighter: The Movie The Game? Well if you aren't it's understandable to say the least. I've never been a fan of licensed ...

@Brady Lee I agree that video games are gateways to other worlds, characters, and professions that we ordinarily don't see and would love to experience. Games are made to be entertaining and fun, and they allow us to play ...

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