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I am a media-soak. I play video games and watch television through most of my spare time, and with friends an avid tabletop gamer and enjoy a good movie now and then. I love the study of video game design, I enjoy pop culture and I am very passionate about discussing both and their contributions to the zeitgeist. I am a student of the show SURVIVOR and am an all around goofball who likes to talk about stuff he likes.
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1 year ago

Final Fantasy XV: Better than FF7?

Hello again.

There are many hints that Square-Enix believe their next numbered installment in the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy XV, will dethrone Final Fantasy VII as (commonly considered) "The best Final Fantasy game of all time". In their E3 ...

2 years ago

What would a true romantic relationship play like in a video game?

It's something I've thought about for a while (in many ways the relationship aspect and learning how to do this effectively in a video game would be incalculably useful in making a true Survivor video game) and just ...

My GOTY: Rocket League

Released July 7th 2015 on PC and PlayStation 4 with a Mac and Xbox One release slated for 2016.

I was not able to play many games in 2015, or at least not as many as I would've liked ...

The Genius Game: A reality show that treats you like an adult.

Some of you may have heard of this show before but for the many of you that haven't; The Genius Game is a South Korean reality show. There are 12 episodes and 13 contestants in a season, and in ...

Fallout 4's Voiced Protagonist was an awful idea poorly executed.

As avid gamers we all have an assumed knowledge about certain events in the industry, especially in dedicated gaming forums and groups. We all look up news and hype ourselves up for the next big release and it's a ...

'Dark Matter' and 'Killjoys'. A Sci-fi fix for those that miss Firefly

Now before the outcry, neither of these shows come close to the excellence that was Firefly, but both of these shows capture large parts of the essence of the show and I think that if both shows were to somehow ...

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1 year ago

We really did choose completely opposite games to the point where it was almost impossible for us to actually argue and compare. Best of luck @Sir Chris Bryan Haze IV, Esq., O.S.E. and thanks @Ashley Muldoon for running ...

Undertale definitely will pave the way for a slew of innovative and creative RPG titles but as excited as I am for that it pales in comparison to the impact that Rocket League can have over the medium in its ...

Rocket League was actually conceived through a deviation from tradition. Originally it was inspired by other Kart racing games like Mario Kart or Diddy Kong Racing, and while testing the game one of the devs put a soccer ball onto ...

The beauty of this game is that it already is a sequel! To the awkwardly (or in my opinion, amazingly) named Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. Really though a game like Rocket League doesn't need a sequel. The only thing ...

The big accomplishments for me are when I finally can say that I have 100% completed a game. There are precious few games that grab my attention in such a way that I artificially prolong them through non-essential goals like ...

I finished maybe 3 games in 2015. One of them was a Telltale game which is 100% story 0% side-quest, one of them was Fallout 4 which I wanted to just power through the story so that I could enjoy ...

Congrats Chris! Well debated.

2 years ago

I'm just happy knowing I did my part :P

I 100% agree with @Sir Chris Bryan Haze IV, Esq., O.S.E. There was little to no reason to keep the game as turn-based. That version of the game exists and it would be immersion-breaking to have the separate ...

Although I do want to let you know that Australia is ahead of America in time-zones and it was Monday afternoon at time of posting.

Gotta say that Benedict Cumberbatch is better than anything I could've done (and did)

I'm very interested in picking up this game at some point. I never played either Earthbound but did watch a Let's Play to get the gist of them and I had always kind of wanted a newer game ...

 In reply to My GOTY is Undertale
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