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3 years ago

NBA Scouting Report: Dallas Mavericks

2013-2014 NBA Season Recap:

When the Mavericks missed the playoffs two years ago, it seemed that they were finally going back to rebuilding mode with an old Dirk Nowitzki and depleted roster. 2013-2014 showed that this team is still going ...

Is a big man the missing piece for the Clippers?

It's clear that this team is revitalized. They've had great shooting, Blake Griffin is proving that he's a legit MVP candidate and CP3 is always in that discussion. Had he not been injured he probably would be ...

Damian Lillard to all events: Can he have the most successful All-star weekend ever?

Damian Lillard is having a heck of a year. He may not be the best PG in the West but he's definitely cementing himself as a top 20 NBA player. With his lightning quick speed and his amazing shooting ...

Pau Gasol vs. Marc Gasol: Which is or will be the better NBA player when it's all said and done?

A happy birthday to Marc Gasol! Who went from a chubby 7 foot high school center to arguably the best center in the league when healthy. The Gasol brothers have clearly cemented their legacy as towering figures in the NBA ...

Boozer might be a liability: Should the Bulls seriously tank this time?

Well Luol Deng is gone, Derrick Rose is out for the year and GASP MARQUIS TEAGUE GOT TRADED?!?!

Alright all jokes (Teague) I seriously feel amnestying Boozer would be ideal for this squad. They don't look to be a ...

4 years ago

Zach Randolph for Ryan Anderson: Which team will benefit more?

The Pelicans and Grizzlies aren't exactly having the types of years they want. While both teams made moves to position themselves for the Western Conference Playoffs ( least the Pelicans). So far neither team will be in the ...

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3 years ago

Bosh is a talented PF…..but no doubt that Blake Griffin is better and more powerful. With a jumpshot that he's acclimating to…..I could see this happening. LBJ would jump ship if it meant getting a better shot ...

I'm sorry but Jeff Hornacek is the leader and it isn't even close.

Look at that roster! Besides Bledsoe those guys are all role players and Hornacek's system has elevated them to perennial stars. The Morris Twins ...

Boston and LA are both non contenders, I feel like the Spurs are too old to are about rivalries, so this is definitely up there.

They already both hate each other as David Lee and Andrew Bogut constantly fight with ...

It was a RIDICULOUS dunk especially in game.

That being said Vince Carter's was better. He was still going up as he finished the 360 reverse windmill while George didn't get nearly as much hang time.

I love ...

Hakeem for Wilt is clutch. Hakeem was a better offensive center and dominated the elite while Chamberlain… dominating as he was…..usually got stopped by Russell.

Hakeem could also spread the floor decently for a guy who's 7 ...

It's a great move. Jordan Crawford is a much more versatile version of Jarrett Jack and he can pour in 40 points if needed. He's also shows to be much more efficient.

@Josh Miller the Kevin Love idea ...

Yes although I'm not a fan of teams who solely rely on fast paced shooting offenses. The Clippers are a prime example of a team doing that and they never go further than the 2nd round in the playoffs ...

I think a contender like OKC or a middle pack team like Memphis will take a gamble. Both need bench play and while he can't be efficient…..or smart……a change of scenery would definitely help him out a ...

This would be a loss for the Clippers. Why? Cause they need to keep their post play.

Melo has a solid mid range and post game. But he's not a better rebounder than Blake Griffin and can't bang ...

Well last night looks like a clear indication that Collison can't keep up with the elite. I mean it shouldn't have been questioned before but now it's definitely justified. No offense to Collison but Paul would've ...

Just an all around heck of a player. He never did anything at an all-star level but this guy could do everything you asked of him. Guarded the PG, SG and SF positions when necessary and also could stroke from ...

Tom Brady is the second coming of Jesus is really the only answer.

Alright all jokes aside this team is like the San Antonio Spurs. They might not always have the sexiest names but they always draft where players are ...

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