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I live in the Greenlake area of urban Seattle where I spin my days as a technical guru and uphold my nights with creative writing and guitar playing. I believe in the levity found in a genuine cup of espresso and understand the healing power of a hard charging cocktail. I'm a guitar player in a modern country band when the sun sets, a competitive bicycle road racer when the sun rises, and love to create the perfect plat du jour for friends using my culinary expressive voice.
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1 year ago

Buying My First House...Really?

Some things sound the opposite of exciting, for me, buying my first house was one of those things.

I never cared a whole lot of what part of town I lived, until the permanence of home ownership took hold. Thinking ...

2 years ago

My Backyard is Everyone’s Backyard

My single family home in the city is crafted on a postage stamp lot emphasizing simplicity. But the backyard I claim is unique and unclassifiable as many things factor in to make it stunningly monumental. There is a lake shore ...

Small Town Dive Bar

This fall I was visiting my family farm in small town central Illinois. It’s a fairy-tale setting of vast corn and soybean fields – a wistful seismic landscape anchored by the human presence of laundry on the line inclusive of ...

Crazy Road Trip: My Ride to Burning Man

I am from Seattle, yet standing alone in the home depot parking lot at 9 am in Reno, Nevada waiting for Zack to pick me up and usher me 100 miles through the desert to the event known as Burning ...

A Ticket that was Worth it

We have all felt it, the ominous pulse of passing time as you’re hopelessly late…and in my case, late for a first date. She and I had exchanged the pleasantries of heart-felt digital and handwritten correspondence, but this ...

Vacation Souvenir

Shopping for a “thing” to take home from vacation can put you in a mood of romantic yearning. Not just a trinket or something you ultimately stare at and say What was I thinking? but something that states Hand-picked by ...

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1 year ago

@Terrianne Webster, I agree on the day to day mayhem the realtors deal with, to do list isolation, despair of confrontation, constraint and frustration...ick! For me, the idea of doing all that again is reason to look around my ...

@Lindsey Chapman, It seems that actually building a house without obvious flaws that hit you straight in the forehead requires doing more than what has always been done. Were not always looking for built in glamour that is stylish and ...

@Jill Koly , Well one phrase can put your mind, and schedule at ease - if you can say it while looking in the mirror..."as is". I know we use it for cars, pants that almost fit and Saturday morning hair ...

2 years ago

@Terrianne Webster , I always use communication. We know that communication is at the core, and when it fails to materialize it exposes the inner cost of the collective silence. I talk to my 17 year old daughter about everything - as ...

@Jill Koly , Always be in the moment, approach it with soulful warmth like a vivacious improviser, the result will be a delightful reflection of yourself.

@Jenny Davenport , I love nothing more than going outside and picking flowers for one of my many vases, it's therapeutic and allows for aromas to ripple through the room, the girls love it...therefore so do I as it ...

I think one of the tricks is to make regular foods more fun, invigorating and eye pleasing. Like sprinkling smoked paprika over boiled corn, or squeezing an orange over sliced pineapple. One of my favorite breakfasts (or snack) is one ...

Exercise is a must in my opinion, it will shoo the trivia out of your brain and allow you to sleep better cause you will need it. I find it also gives you more energy to do stuff. Let's ...

@Terrianne Webster a sandwich of sorts, on any bread though I chose a baguette. Cranberry relish, made simply by following the instructions on the bag, brie cheese and turkey. My homespun classic favorite.

@Terrianne Webster I hear ya on that one. My daughter, like many kids, is busy burning her own path, with brooding, heart-felt, tightly unrestrained musings with her friends and freedom itself...and of course, their cell phones...

@Terrianne Webster sometimes I use a next door teenage, money hungry, full of horse power kid to do some work I don't really want to. Not say'in its the best deal around, but it sure simplifies things at ...

@Rachel T Gupta, You are right - less work, more fun with a social kick-back, and you're not responsible for pullin-them weeds...A quick way of achieving landscape grandeur that over time seems stock-in-trade and carefully crafted while ultimately being ...

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