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I am a web writer that focuses mostly on the Washington Redskins. However, I am also passionate about creating content that affects the black community.
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1 year ago

Have The Washington Redskins Turned The Corner?

The Washington Redskins' Week Five road contest with the Baltimore Ravens started ominous enough: the defense allowed an opening

drive touchdown pass from Ravens' quarterback Joe Flacco to tight end Crockett Gilmore. Even after Redskins' wide receiver Jamison

Crowder electrified ...

Five Reasons Why the Washington Redskins Should Sign Greg Hardy

At one time, defensive end Greg Hardy was considered one of the NFL’s rising stars. In his five year career with the Carolina Panthers and Dallas Cowboys, Hardy recorded 40 sacks in 34 games. At six foot five, 280 ...

No Fear Of A Clinton Or Trump Presidency

It appears that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and real estate mogul Donald Trump will be the respective Democratic

and Republican nominees for the United States presidency. Clinton, a former First Lady, could become the first woman to become ...

Cleveland Cavaliers' 2016 Title: Greatest Sports Story EVER?

The Golden State Warriors have been the most celebrated team in the NBA, and quite possibly NBA history. They

play an exciting style of basketball predicated on their prolific use of the three point shot, an asset that Warriors'

star ...

Are These The Same Washington Redskins?

The Washington Redskins are usually the winners of the NFL's free agency Super Bowl, acquiring big money talent that usually produces

small change results. That strategy has been altered considerably in 2016, as Washington has seemed to adopt the ...

To vote or not to vote is the question

The 2016 Presidential primaries is providing an interesting backdrop in the United States. Former senator as well as former first lady Hillary

Rodham Clinton and junior senator Bernie Sanders are vying for the Presidential nomination for the Democratic Party, while ...

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1 year ago

I remember seeing Pearl play at Syracuse. It was a shame that his great amateur status didn't translate to the NBA game. Rest in peace Pearl.

I like the idea of a write in candidate. Some would say that's a waste of a vote, but it actually puts the American people on notice that there are other alternatives out there. It's unfortunate that there ...

@Just-In-Time JM : I feel exactly the same way about Cousins. However, the market dictates that starting quarterbacks receive almost $20 million per year no matter how small a sample size of their work is on record. I hope Cousins does ...

@Sowon Kim: the protests and civil movements aren't doing anything for Black people in America. If they were, Black people wouldn't continually be murdered while their perpetrators receive immunity. No other racial or ethnic group currently has this ...

@Charles B. That could be possible. The discernment of others regarding the unjustified continuous murder of unarmed black citizens by non black perpetrators receiving immunity should equate to how they would handle the situation if it happened to them. They ...

I would take the Tampa Bay job. They have a great offensive nucleus in Jameis Winston, Doug Martin, and Mike Evans. The Buccaneers are also the only team on this list whose offensive and defensive units rank in the NFL ...

The Giants' head coaching position is the most attractive for the reasons mentioned. I have a prediction that's sure to go wrong: The Cleveland Browns will hire Chip Kelly to be their head coach. It sounds crazy, but the ...

Great points everyone. Cousins began playing well in the second half of the season, but that's too small a sample size to warrant such a jump in salary. I think he should receive an incentive laden contract that will ...

2 years ago

@Charles B. : The Redskins' struggles are due to several factors in my opinion. Firstly, team owner Dan Snyder had a penchant for signing big money free agents that were past their prime or appeared to be motivated by only the ...

@Robert Gardner : Perfectly put. The Skins need an old school authoritarian coach. I'm tired of the penalties, sloppy play, and overall incompetence.

Thanks for the responses gentlemen. I thought the hiring of Jay Gruden was a serious head scratcher, since Washington's problems were mainly on defense. In addition, yesterday's loss to the Miami Dolphins reflects the same problems that Washington ...

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I personally don't mind RG3 making that assessment, even though I don't think he's the best QB in the league. While RG3 has regressed, the offensive line has been horrendous since his ...

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