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2 years ago

Should Kobe Bryant retire to the Lakers bench?

Kobe Bryant’s return to the NBA hardwood fizzled as soon as it began. After a less-than-stellar preseason, Black Mamba has continued to struggle through his first six games of the regular season. His 32 percent field goal percentage and ...

World Series Game 3: Live Blog

The Mets super starting rotation has produced zero wins thus far, and all hopes now rest with Noah Syndergaard as the Mets return home to dig themselves out of a two game deficit to the Kansas City Royals in the ...

2015 World Series Game 2: Live Blog

After one of the most memorable World Series Game 1's in history, the Kansas City Royals and New York Mets are back at it a day after a 14 inning marathon which produced an inside-the-park home run, outstanding hitting ...

Live blog: Arkansas - Alabama SEC showdown

It was 2006 the last time the Arkansas Razorbacks beat the Alabama Crimson Tide, though that's not to say that the Hogs have just rolled over and played dead against the Tide. Arkansas gave Alabama a scare last year ...

Alabama at Georgia: Live Blog

Alabama visits Georgia today reeling from an early loss to Ole Miss in SEC play, and the Tide enter the game as an underdog for the first time in recent memory. However, Alabama under Nick Saban has been very successful ...

Thursday Night Football NY vs WAS: Live Blog

The NY Giants hosts Washington in a classic NFC East showdown tonight in a game that won't be all quarterback talk for once. Sure, Eli Manning still slings the ball as usual and still shows his early season rust ...

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1 year ago

Before the year started it really seemed as if the Rockets were poised to make another run at the Western Conference finals, but once again Howard is sinking the ship even when healthy. The Rockets should cut their losses and ...

2 years ago

Brandon Knight has been playing great and building chemistry with Eric Gordon. Hassan Whiteside is averaging a double-double (14.8 ppg, 11.1 rpg) and is shooting 62.3% from the field. Thaddeus Young has had good numbers on a ...

It sounds interesting, but I've never been a big fan of the actual All-Star game (or the NBA's or NFL's). I prefer to watch the skills competition. Mark Messier vs. Ray Borque in the Accuracy competition? Al ...

From the brief clips I've seen from the fight so far, it appears as if she didn't train at all. Holm was not a mystery. Everyone knew what her style was and thought Rousey would have no trouble ...

This isn't a bad idea, but I am still of the mind the the NHL should reduce the number of games played. Fat chance that will ever happen, though. All contracts would have to be reduced accordingly, and the ...

I agree with @Mike Cortez that Phoenix has a shot. The Suns will likely be near double-digit underdogs, and deservedly so because they just aren't as deep as the Warriors (what team is?), but last season they were one ...

Krispy Snacks Pringles?

Who's Latvian Now?

The Baltic Barracuda ? No?

Ok, I'll go with Three 6 Latvia

Durant could make an extra $40 million if he signs a one-year deal and then a long-term deal in 2017. Even if he were to get very hurt before 2017, it is highly likely many teams would still give him ...

Good one, @Joshua Thompson. But you might give Santa a backup plan if his elves can't produce a Westbrook miracle. The Knicks need backcourt scoring for sure, so another option might be to go after shooting guard Bradley Beal ...

Yes, his lifetime offensive numbers are not great @Tyler Birss, but 2015 saw him with his best BA, SLG, RBI and more than doubled his best HR year. This is a good sign that he has more value than just ...

I don't think there is any argument for any other than Curry for MVP thus far. He is unstoppable and unflappable. Perhaps the most valuable part of his game is drawing defenders which allows all his teammates to get ...

I agree with your list, but I wonder...

Do any two-loss teams have a shot? What if Alabama loses at Auburn, but then goes on to win the SEC Championship game? I think they'd have enough quality wins to ...

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