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Former division 1 Men's soccer player at Saint Louis University and Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville. Self proclaimed soccer aficionado with a passion for all things sport, good fun, pleasant company, an adult beverage or two, and a bit of clever word play. Tweet, twitter, or tweeter me at: @devonnewport
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2 years ago

What if America's best athletes played soccer? -- Magazine Article

If only the United States’ best athletes played soccer, then we’d be up there with the best in the world. You know, LeBron James at center back, Russell Westbrook screaming down the flank, or Adrian Peterson leading the lines ...

Women in Sports: No Longer Just an Afterthought -- Magazine Article

The summer of 2015 has been historic for sports, transcendent even. It’s seen a blockbuster fight, record-breaking tennis, groundbreaking hires, and soccer team reduce grown men to ‘teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert’ status. And guess what? It ...

Barcelona vs Roma: Live Blog

The Champions League is back. Let’s all take a second to enjoy a long, bellowing “Wooooooo!” Ah, fantastic! Now that we’ve all stirred up trouble amongst the neighborhood cats, let’s get down to business.

Wednesday, Barcelona travel ...

Does Europe's transfer window need to be changed?

Today, early in the afternoon stateside, the European football transfer window will officially close. And with it, so will conclude the soap opera that has accompanied the first month of European competition.

The windows for most of Europe’s top ...

College Recruiting: How Young Is Too Young?

College recruiting continues to get younger by the day. It’s prevalent in all sports, but notoriously exaggerated in the large revenue generating sports like football and men’s basketball. For instance, just the other day, 13-year-old phenom LaMelo Ball ...

MLS All-Star game: Good or bad for the league?

The MLS All-Star game is unique, fun, and exciting for the fans, but it’s not exactly a good look for the league.

Since 2005, The MLS has opted for a rather unconventional approach toward its All-Star weekend. Unlike the ...

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2 years ago

Now, on to your main question of whether or not basketball and football players would make great soccer players. @Dean Lake.

Of course they could, but what makes them more adept to pick up the required technical skills over other ...

@Dean Lake I think it’s unfair to say, “If, like most of Europe, soccer was the only game in town in the United States, then the athleticism and skill of US athletes would have to produce more (and probably ...

@Nick Ostiller I won’t disagree that the United States doesn’t prioritize soccer (especially at the pro-level) like football, basketball, and baseball. However, I don’t agree with the statement that the best salaries attract the best talent. If ...

@Jonathan Gardner Saying that a player being great in one sport doesn’t automatically make you great in another was simply one reason why the tweet is a misconceived notion, but not the main point or argument I’m trying ...

As for the women being like for like, I can't disagree with you. At least, not yet. Yes, Serena, Ronda, the USWNT, etc. all brought in incredible numbers and generated incredible revenue (surpassing male counterparts even), but until the ...

@Peter Benson I appreciate you saying that, and appreciate you taking the time to read the article!

I respect your honest take. I don't think the lesser overall interest in the women's game is as much sexist as ...

Well, that'll do it for me! An enthralling match (with a blog to match) between Barcelona and Roma see's the sides sharing the spoils at a point apiece. Barcelona perhaps will be disappointed not to capitalize on the ...

Any final thoughts on the match here today? @Peter Benson @Fonz Yap @Grey Beaudin

Could be the decisive point in seeing them through to the Round of 16? Also, for Arsenal and Zagreb, it always feels like the gunners are on the end of the "the biggest win for (enter team) in their Champions ...

A huge roar from the home crowd as the final whistle is blown. 1-1 as the sides share the spoils.

Wow, an amazing ball from Messi finds Alba in acres of space inside the box, but the second choice keeper does well to steer the effort out for a corner kick.

Dangerous ball from Iniesta looked to have found Pique's head, but a good challenge sees the ball guided out for another Barca corner.

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