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I have been a gamer for most of my life. I have always felt a certain pull to the ability to become something else. Games allow me to be anyone and do anything and that ability has helped me cope with some traumatic incidents and rough periods of my life. During those times though, I noticed that my ability to write was also a very effective outlet. There is a certain serenity to typing out the words one just cannot effectively say out loud. It brings peace and clarity to a troubled mind. When I got to college, the writing skills I had honed in private were actually a huge help. Writing is something I love to do and when I can mix it with games in the form of critiques or reviews, it becomes the perfect outlet to keep me focused.
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2 years ago

What's your perspective? The choice between first and third person camera angles.

The arrival of three dimensions changed the gaming world in a good way. While side-scrollers can be fun, the boost in tactical options that came with 3D provides a much more immersive play through. However, with the extra options comes ...

Did You Ever Hear The Call? The Start Of Your Gaming Adventure.

Ah. There is nothing more peaceful than a powerful monkey, traipsing across the grass, collecting yellow bananas while he searches for his friends. Noticing a door far to his left, he decides to investigate. As he nears the door, he ...

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2 years ago

@Patrick Zimmerman You summed up my point perfectly. Those two will always be my favorites. My father is something of a comic book guru and thanks to his extensive collection of all things illustrated, I've read every collection of ...

Honestly, this has me totally stoked. The main reason I have held off on a next gen console is because I didn't want to have to start my game library all over. I have collected quite a few games ...

@Max Zaleski I love that last paragraph. Couldn't have said it better myself.

For me personally, the only time I will watch a movie in theaters more than once is if I am going with someone who has yet to see it. I enjoy doing that. To be fair though, at that point ...

Personally, I tend to use reviews in a slightly different fashion than most people. I don't look at them to decided whether or not I want to watch a movie. I just look at the comments people have left ...

@Michael Loving I was actually on this thread to mention Eternal Darkness. I have never in my life been as disturbed and downright paranoid as when I was playing that game. Most games and even movies that are popular today ...

I dunno. I have been a big fan of Bethesda for years, but I've gotten really bummed on sequels lately. Seems like they are going downhill big time. The problem I see with Fallout 4 is what killed Bioshock ...

 In reply to Fallout 4!

Some might not even consider him a hero, some might consider him a bit of a fool, but my all time favorite has got to be Donkey Kong. He was the one who introduced me to gaming after all. I ...

@Innes McVey I dunno about the indie developers, but I would say it is unlikely to have much of an impact on the summer sale. I mean, if you think about it, how many people would actually do that? It ...

My first sessions of WoW will always be with me. Embarrassingly enough, I didn't even know the difference between Horde and Alliance before I jumped into Mists. So when my cousin (who has played since Vanilla) offered to buy ...

@Max Zaleski While I agree that, "VR could become their escape even moreso than normal games due to the realistic outview of what you're playing...", some gamers, myself included, WANT that. Now, I agree that it will almost certainly ...

@Ashley Muldoon I believe what Max is referring to is the raid armor sets. You don't actually have to pay more to get them, but there is a catch. You have to complete the raids to get the armor ...

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