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I would say my passion. I love my teams, when the seasons start, they are my #1 thought. I am not a disillusioned fan though, I can admit when my team is bad, or struggling without resorting to petty name calling and such, I just cheer a little louder.
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2 years ago

Will you be picking up Splatoon?

Since last years E3 we have been following the news on Nintendo's shooter, Splatoon. Last week we were all able to test the game during the Global Testfire event. With finally bening able to play the game, I can ...

3 years ago

Cursed week 2: Why all the injuries?

This week in the NFL has been an exciting week, but it has also been a bad one as so many star players went down with injuries.


AJ Green

Knowshon Moreno

DeSean Jackson

Jamaal Charles

Eric Berry

Gerald McCoy ...

And the game ball goes to: Knowshon Moreno and Miami's Defense

After getting to a quick 7-0 lead after a blocked punt, the Dolphins seemed to be the same team from the past few years, a team that showed flashes of greatness, but could never bring it home. Then the second ...

Are you ready for some Football!?

A low rumble is felt under the feet of thousands. Flames burst into the air. A smokescreen envelops the gladiators, the masses shriek, for they have arrived. The time has come for the bloody battles, the brutal war to be ...

Wallace and Moreno: Why I think they will be effective.

Everything the Miami Dolphins have done this offseason and preseason has been put under a microscope. Fans and analysts alike have been trying to predict how they will fare this year, and until the season starts, we won't know ...

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2 years ago

The Dolphins will make playoffs this year as long as the defense plays like they did the first half of last season. The offense while lacking at times put up good numbers and came through at times, Dolphins had the ...

I'm a Dolphins fan and I loved the moves made this offseason. I can admit that our rival Jets made great moves too, but didn't do much offensively except for getting Marshall. Their season hinges on the QB ...

@Max Zaleski there is one more beta this Friday 3pm PST

Good thing is Nintendo is learning, their new console (NX) will most likely not be region locked. That's a good first step lol.

@Daniel Rona Sorry to hear that, Australians always get screwed gaming wise or so I've heard. I heard the censorship is strict there, is that true?

@Nate Hohl 3 is the reason I stopped lol, I didn't like it at all except the naval missions. I'll give rogue a try after black flag

Image 1: "I hope no one can tell how high I am right now"
Image 2: "And now I shall show you the forbidden dance!"

I gave up on the series after 3. The yearly release just became too much and unappealing. I plan on trying black fag eventually, maybe that'll bring me back, but unless they do something radical I just don't ...

This is one of those let's wait and see things for me. I'm not sold on the idea, but if there can be synergy between the two then it can work. If not then Skynet is one step ...

Smith was the comeback, plain and simple. I also give props to Harden for just letting Smith have his night and watch, sometimes the teams #1 would take that chance to enter the game but it might have affected the ...

Rousey is no doubt in my mind the most dominant athlete right now,especially since there is never a dispute over how she won, she just goes in the ring and dominates her opponent. She'll be Champ for years ...

@Daniel Rona I hope you get it fixed by release this month, the servers were lag free in my experience, but of course that can change when everyone is actually playing, but I think it'll be fine.

@Nate Hohl ...

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