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I am a business student at Lehigh University who loves both sports and entertainment. I also cover Liverpool FC for
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1 year ago

NBA Tag Team Turmoil:East Edition

This post is a continuation of a conversation a few of us were having on Slack. What if every team could select two players and they then have to duke it out WWE-style match. I have a small preview for ...

Wednesday is the Big Day

With a 92-86 victory over the Spurs in San Antonio (THEY BROKE THE STREAK), the Warriors tied the NBA record for wins in a season. But we all knew that already, the more important news is that the Grizzlies are ...

NBA 2015-2011 Draft Class Rosters

Building on the success of my "Which Decade has the Best Team?" post, I decided to have some fun and create the best team from every draft from 2015 to 2011. I'll have the 2010-2006 and 2005-2000 teams up ...

It's a Wrap, The Warriors Won The World

All hail Based Curry. The man could start a cult tomorrow and 90% of basketball fans would follow him. Let's just end the season and give the Larry O'Brien to the Warriors and MVP of the world, Steph ...

Which Decade has the Best NBA Team

The title says it all, what if every decade from the 80s until the 2010s could compete against each other with all the players in their relative primes? I compiled the teams about a year and a half ago but ...

Roma VS Real Madrid Champions League 1st Leg Live Blog

The Champions League is back everyone! It's time to take a break from the very close race in the Premier League and enjoy watching some of the best teams in the world play against each other. We had two ...

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1 year ago

The correct answer is probably Watson but I'm still going with my guy McCaffrey. As I said in my rebuttal, Watson has so much pressure on his shoulders. Clemson has a ton of talent and it'll be a ...

Fournette’s entire Heisman candidacy is all on one single game, the November 5 meeting with Alabama in LSU. If he falters again in this match-up, there’s a good chance his Heisman hopes will tumble down again like it ...

If the voters decide on having the underdog story as one of their major criteria again, the clean-cut, multi-functional and overall fantastic McCaffrey should take the title. He is without Kevin Hogan who, while not perfect as a ...

The Heisman is a stupid trophy. The criteria changes every year and less deserving players often get the award over a clearly better player. Case in point, Robert Griffin winning the trophy over Andrew Luck in 2011 despite Luck definitely ...


Jimmy G is God

Not the Cavaliers

Tall, meh, clueless

The Pats pass rush is fantastic but the Steelers offensive line is no joke either. If David de Castro and Maurkice Pouncey are healthy, they will form the base of giving enough time for Big Ben to find Brown and ...

As competitive as the AFC looks, I think three teams, the Steelers, Patriots and Bengals are clearly above everyone else. As great as the Bengals are, I think it will all come down to a classic 1 v 2 match ...

As much as football is a team game, unlike basketball really, the Chiefs do not have anyone who is a true game-changer aside from Charles. Their industriousness is frustrating since they somehow always march down the field but as the ...

I knew that @Peter Benson was going to go with the Broncos so for the sake of having a different choice, let me make an argument for Kansas City missing the postseason. While they could make it , this is still ...

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