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Who am I? I suppose I’m lots of things. An aspiring writer, a mother, a PR flack and former newspaper reporter. A saucy vixen ;) A reader of everything from biographies to smut then to philosophy – Epicurus is my favorite. I'm a single mother of three beautiful daughters. I'm an atheist sprung from the wreckage of Catholicism. I can be a little girl at times and a grown up bitch at others. I immersed myself in BDSM while Mr. Grey was a pre-published prepubescent, and I arose a stronger woman from the journey. I like exploring the boundaries of humanism and morality through my writing, whether fiction or non. Who am I? I'm an ever evolving mystery, whose ending is in the making . . . which, if you'd like can follow here:
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2 years ago

Store Brand or Brand Name?

Growing up, I hated mayo. . . or so I thought. It wasn’t until a friend in college made me a turkey and Swiss cheese sandwich did I realize something tasted AMAZING! The difference: Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise. It turns out ...

When I'm a parent I'll never . . .

Yell at my children or my significant other.

I grew up in a yelling household and it wasn't until college that I realized yelling wasn't exactly normal. My boyfriend's family seemed so calm, even in the face ...

Rise of the "Nones"

The Christian hold on America’s religious landscape is dwindling, according to the recently released Pew Research Center report, "America's Changing Religious Landscape.”

And filling the gap is a younger population, what Pew has started calling the “nones” – those ...

Guilty Pleasures

We all do it. (At least I hope so or else this post will be short-lived.) You know what I’m talking about. You do it in secret, when no one is watching. You might be feeling a little naughty ...

Diabetes Doesn't Discriminate

With the burgeoning notoriety of McKinney and the recent pool party incident, it’s nice to see an event taking place nearby that isn’t wrought with racial slurs or violence. The event I’m referring to is the American ...

Sex Talk: I'm not doing "it" like my parents.

It was 1980, the year Ronald Reagan won the election. The Blues Brothers hit the theaters and David Letterman debuted his top 10.

I was 9 years old, looking up sex in the dictionary. And I was pissed. Earlier that ...

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2 years ago

@Jill Koly I like your list! A recommendation: Canned beans. For refried, try Rosarita traditional. Ranch Style beans are good, too. But I think that's a Texas thing.

@Jill Koly I love mine fried with a side of Ranch dressing. Can you tell I'm from the south? I also like it in Gumbo. Last year, a friend of mine gave me some of his garden okra. It ...

@Elin Hansen I agree. One of the hardest things for me to learn in college away from parents was self-discipline. And to this day I still struggle. Even in my 40s! @Terrianne Webster Can I use you for an article ...

@Sidelines @Rachel T Gupta See previous post/question.

@Tonya Smith I agree. You said it better than I did. Yes give him some wiggle room to have some independence. Recently I was struggling with my daughter's bedtime. By the time everything was done and she was actually ...

@Connie Donahue There are several things at play here. I'm not a parenting expert by any means. But there are some characteristics that are human in all of us and he is beginning to learn how to display them ...

I have a work luncheon at noon Central Time. Where will the workshop take place and will I be able to go over or read later?

@Elin Hansen I like the way you give them a choice of chores. Although I wouldn't even ask in the first place. So I say in summer, these are the chores you need to do before I get home ...

@Terrianne Webster I have to say I've never thought about raising a child non punitively. But I kinda do it now, except for my 9 year-old. I send her to her room to calm down. And I put myself ...

@Teresa Marchant My daughter just turned 16. And so did all her friends, who can now drive. (My daughter is still working on her license.) Boy, did it hit me by surprise. Like a light switch. All of sudden she ...

@Amie Cuhaciyan I accidentally hit enter. 1. Eat Mexican Food and there are several kinds. Tamales, goat, barbacoa and fajitas are must have meals. Also Mexican seafood, but you have to know the right places. Other than that, visit friends ...

@Amie Cuhaciyan I grew up in a Texas border town called Laredo. Some of the things to do there:
1. Eat Mexican food

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