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2 years ago

Boston Gets Price--What it means for the Sox

Though the article clearly could have been called "The Price is Right" the committee (of one) decided against the rather glib and cliche title. But the fact of the matter is that the Boston Red Sox have signed Starting Pitcher ...

NBA What 2 Watch 4--Western Conference.

With NBA training camps opening this week fans are really starting to get excited for the new season. In a little less than a month we'll finally see the regular season tip off. But what will unfold this year ...

NFL vs. Brady and Pats (an interesting subplot)

Deflategate is over, for the most part. The amount of media coverage on PSI, court cases, Tom Brady's emails, and whether or not the New England Patriots are cheaters, has lessened. Two weeks into the NFL season and the ...

Fixing the team--Boston Red Sox edition.

MLB players, managers, fans, anyone involved with baseball (except the upper management) are loyal people. The Boston Red Sox are no different. They reward a lot on past performances, and stick with players for the long run. Mike Napoli was ...

What to Expect Come July 1st--NBA Free Agency

Tomorrow begins one of the most exciting parts of the Summer: NBA Free Agency. While we hear news about NFL training camps, golf, and tons of baseball games, outside of Wimbledon (for Tennis fans at least), NBA Free Agency is ...

Cavaliers vs. Warriors?

Lets all assume for a moment that the Houston Rockets do end up losing one of the next three games, and the Golden State Warriors advance to the Finals. Is Lebron James good enough to carry this Cleveland Cavaliers team ...

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1 year ago

I think a lot more went into this decision than people realize. Durant has been very vocal over the last three plus seasons about his involvement in business opportunities outside of basketball--one of the reasons why Steve Balmer's pitch ...

Rankings may look very different in just a week. The East is in constant turmoil, Golden State just lost at home, and San Antonio is going into full blown sit Blake is coming back. Yeah, Blake Griffin.

@mickeybracey bracey Lol, loved how you called Golden State "Oakland" while it's true (having driven pass Oracle Arena many times) the entire Bay Area might pooh-pooh that thought. The West Side of the Bay embraces GS as their own ...

2 years ago
  1. Barring any injuries the Cavs, Bulls, Heat, Raptors, will be over .500. Bucks and Wizards should, but then it's a crap shoot. But with only 2 spots to fill the East shooouuullllddd get at least 1 team, but more ...

absolutely Harden. The players got it right. The offensive drop off from Harden to the next best guy on the team is dramatic. Also, Lebron took two weeks off in the middle of the season and ran down to Miami ...

worst looking jerseys is, The Denver Nuggets. What is with their jerseys? Horizontal stripes??? Scott Van Pelt obviously showed that's a terrible idea (Sports Center Commercial anyone, go look it up on youtube). Their colors are out of date ...

Didn't Jay Z kinda put the stamp on what Durants nickname is? Ice Burg Slim, shooting treys from the suburbs? (Just teasing).

So here is the thing with Durant. He's incredible. He is the best pure shooter in ...

The MVP is usually based on what player can be sold the most that year. To the media, Steph Curry was new, sexy, and a fresh MVP. His team was the best team, and he, the best player on it ...

Sorry for the comment, but I can't see if anyone else has commented yet

@Robert Gardner Wouldn't that sum up the NFL right now? Upper management has just made the NFL (not football) look soooo uncomfortable. I think it would also lead to the end of Goodell's reign in the duty he ...

@Devon Newport I think Rondo might pull what Adrian Beltre did when he went to the Red Sox. Beltre found a nice one year deal in a situation that worked really well for me. He showed off and boom got ...

To my fellow sideliners: I'd love for this to become a series. "Fixing the team" we can do it for all 32 teams in the MLB? What do you all think? You up for the challenge?
@Dean Lake @Asa ...

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