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Jeffrey L. Cheatham II was born on October 9th 1985, but he didn’t discover why until 1990. This was the year that his father introduced him to his favorite reading material, comics. Jeffrey immediately became fascinated with the creative worlds that comic books exposed him to. His favorite comics that he loved reading were Batman, Spiderman, & The Archie comic series. As a result of his love for comics, Jeffrey wanted to be a part of it by writing stories of his own. His passion for storytelling were evident to all those around him, even when he attended John Muir elementary school when every literary assignment he completed was in the form of a story or comic. As he entered high school, his desire to write became secondary to his athletics. The desire for storytelling re-emerged for Jeffrey during his final year of college. When late one evening he watched his favorite childhood movie, The Lion King. That moment helped Jeffrey decide that he must be true to himself and return to his writing aspirations.
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1 year ago

Is the Reason we get Angry and Stressed Dumb...Really Dumb?

Anger and stress: Are the two words siblings or lovers? They seem to go hand-in-hand, right? One follows the other like the post-credit scene in a Marvel movie. (Captain America was amazing, by the way) but unlike the excitement that ...

Go Fund Me For Water To Flint

Flint, Michigan. People are suffering, white and black. Being a father, I couldn't imagine having to bathe my child in poisonous water, or brushing my teeth in water that looks like piss and rust. I am not go on ...

Does Love Hate Me?

I S-U-C-K at love. I can't figure out dating and relationships to save my life anymore, which means that I must suck as a boyfriend and lover. The magic of love is slowly starting to turn to ash and ...

2 years ago

Selfish vs Self-ish?

I have to take this moment to be honest....I believe that I may be a trans-self-ual. Recent events has convinced me that I may be a selfish person trapped in a caring person's body and it's about ...

One Click Away...

The difficulty I have experienced with the cyber-courtship process known as online dating boils down to two questions: How can a woman believe in the validity of a man's compliments of her, when all she has to do is ...

Speaking up as a Dad

Last Sunday's Father's day was good to me. I also noticed an increase of positive feedback about fathers on social media. Here is my thoughts on what I would like to see happen from here on out:

Let ...

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2 years ago

@Veronica Valentina I love it because it eliminates the excuse of having nothing to do.

@Jonathan Gardner Well said. The stats you guessed for Graham this season is where I have him.

@Nels Nelsen ha ha. You may have to accept the fact that Graham's numbers will go down do to how the seahawk offense operates.

Honestly I believe I enjoy Phineas and Ferb more than my daughter does. It's one of the most original, creative shows out to me. lol

Do you believe that it's easier to finance a game because of crowd-funding?

Tom hardy dropped out as Rick Flagg or was that just speculation?

Great article! The reason why I believe that UFC is on the rise over boxing is because UFC appeals to the younger demographic. The accessibility to UFC fighters and gyms is a lot easier to view and to research versus ...

It's hard to be healthy when fatness is sooooo cheap.

I love your article. I always have to remind myself to pack my daughter a great lunch and not pack a lazy "lunchable" lunch. Planning is very important and very underappreciated. Great read!

Soooooo someone is going to hack your account just to send "a few" tweet? Ok Revis lol

I was just having a conversation similar to this with my homeboys. Great article!

I have never heard of this guy. When I seen his picture, I immediately said, "Don Lemon" I wonder if Comedy Central will play that angle with him once he fully takes over the reigns.

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