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My name is Justice Boles, and i would like to be a writer. I'm looking for places that will help me nourish and hone my writing skills, as well as a place that i feel comfortable contributing. I love movies, games, comics, tv, most forms of pop culture. I'm well-informed, intelligent, and eloquent.
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2 years ago

Game On!- Good Video Game Movies

Simple question: Which game-based movies deserve recognition, and which ones should be taped to a bat and used to beat Uwe Boll?

Us gamers know that there's really yet to be a good movie based off of a video ...

Ship it. Ship it Good.

When I was 14, I began reading international shounen sensation; Naruto. It was pretty perfect for a teenaged me. So, for the better part of a decade, I'd check in weekly to read the new installment of Naruto. A ...

METAL GEAR!? Well folks, here we go again...

Metal Gear Solid 3 is probably my favorite game ever. I must've played through it 12-15 times. My quickest run from start to finish is around 3 hours. It was my gateway in the Metal Gear Universe. From there ...

What are some great shows to watch while you ARE NOT in front of the TV?

I'm one of those people that needs background noise. I can't comfortably wash dishes without music playing. I often have podcasts accompany me during my routine chores. I usually fall asleep to my TV. Perhaps it was was ...

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2 years ago

@Thom Ellis I think they get to hook up in the comics. Either Gambit's powers can negate hers or she's strong enough to control hers or something like that. But that is a good one.

and HO-LEE SHIT ...

It makes sense. Steam is killing them, so they need to capitalize on something that requires more physical media. I don't know that i see myself digging too deep into any retro games. I still have plenty of stuff ...

The Simpsons
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Looney Tunes
Batman: The Animated Series
South Park
Lucas Bros. Moving Company
Scooby Doo

Anyone for Venture Bros, Archer, or Adventure Time? I think i missed the nomination process, so no worries.

The first thing I can think of doesn't quite fit into the weird category, more shocking to me. I had watch a fair amount of Ruroni Kenshin on toonami and i enjoyed it. Good ol' Kenshin, using a reverse-blade ...

I'd like to point out Attack on Titan. Currently one of the best-selling, most-popular anime/mangas on the market, and it's quite heavy. Characters have about the life expectancy of a Game of Thrones character, but usually with ...

@Tonya Smith

GREAT SUGGESTIONS! I also want to recommend ATTACK ON TITAN for anyone. It's the BIGGEST thing in Japan and the anime/manga industry right now. It's also significantly dark and very gruesome, but it's a ...

@Ria Wilkinson Agreed. I'm just at the crossroads where i am unimpressed with the new consoles and see the opportunity for a paradigm shift in my gaming. So now i'm teetering between PC and XBone, even though I ...

 In reply to Fallout 4!

I LOVE Dark Souls and the rest of it's series. I've put more than 300 hours into DS2 (Fucking casul, right?). It's not the difficulty i enjoy, it's the complexity. I can build the warrior i ...

I'm so excited! New Vegas is one of my favorite games ever. Part of me is still heart broken after seeing all the content that didn't make it into the final version, all of what it could've ...

 In reply to Fallout 4!

I'm on board with the kickstarter stuff. I've seen a few games get funded that way which would not have been able to otherwise. I'm on board with anything that breaks the routine of another Call of ...

Yeah... Solid Snake is probably never gonna beat out Link. :(

I'll settle for #2.

It's hard to say. I read an article recently that detailed the inevitability of an Advanced A.I. overcoming humanity. The main argument was that advanced civilizations advance faster than their predecessors. While that seems obvious, it's tough ...

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