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York College of PA graduate with a degree in history and a minor in geography. Trying to find my way in the sports journalism world. The go to NHL guy. Follow me on Twitter @KyleGillespie
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2 years ago

Patrick Kane is Under Investigation For Rape

In an offseason where we have seen more and more run ins with the law among NHL players, this one may be the biggest and the most serious.

Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks is being investigated for rape. Details ...

How to Start and Stick to an Exercise Regimen

Getting into a workout routine can be one of the hardest things to do when you aren’t used to it, or simply have a hard time finding time or motivation. I know I’ve always had issues with keeping ...

SCF Game 3: Tampa Bay Lightning at Chicago Blackhawks!

After an exciting Game 2 that had some wild twists and turns and an explosion of offense, it is safe to say that the two teams are past the feeling out stage of the finals. Tampa Bay showed just how ...

SCF: Game 2 - Chicago Blackhawks at Tampa Bay Lightning!

Here we go again, the Chicago Blackhawks are doing that thing again, that thing where they just always seem to win during the playoffs.

After falling into a 1-0 deficit during game 1, the Hawks struggled through the rest of ...

SCF: Game 1 - Chicago Blackhawks at Tampa Bay Lightning!

The quest for the cup is in its final stages. Two teams are left to battle it out for the best trophy in sports, the Stanley Cup.

This series will really be a combination of the "old and successful guys ...

Choosing the Right Athletic Shoe

The right shoe can make all the difference in the world when you exercise. Choosing the right shoe for each kind of exercise or sports can be a bit of a difficult task. Not just because it is so hard ...

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2 years ago

I'm not sure this is a wise move. For the top ranked prospect in the 2016 draft, he could have literally gone anywhere he wanted, and the Swiss league is... an odd choice. it isn't a top men ...

@Michelle Mink More or less, what the situation came down to, is that the city was upset that the team was losing money, which happens when a team rebuilds in a hockey market that is weak. Well, not actually weak ...

This is about to become a huge legal battle and the city of Glendale is going to pay for it. On the upside, the Coyotes are likely going to stay in Arizone but move to Phoenix

Looks like I've missed out on quite a bit

If you ever wanted to get into hockey, this is the series to watch

It has been fantastic so far @Dean Lake , no reason the rest of it won't stay that way. Each game has been won by only 1 goal and all three games have been decided in the third. Been super ...

Huge facoff wins by Toews

Jasm play at the net, but Bishop holds strong

Crawford pulled, here we go for an exciting two minutes

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