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I've been running an increasingly popular music blog, Concert Addict Chick (, for over 5 years, therefore, I'm very much in-the-know when it comes to quality music, up & coming hot artists & the coolest live music events in the LA area. I've attended hundreds upon hundreds of concerts & music festivals, including 10 Coachellas, 7 Outside Lands Music Festivals, 5 FYF Fests, 4 Sasquatch Music Festivals & 1 Lollapalooza). All I want to do is share good tunes with people who are open to experiencing new music. If you are a music-lover, we'll probably get along :)
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2 years ago

Hail Mary, Full of Grace...The Lord Is With THE GREEN BAY PACKERS!

I can't believe how last night's Thursday night football game ended!! It was 1 of the most incredible last plays I've ever seen!

I know it shouldn't have been THAT difficult for Green Bay to beat ...

Denver Ruined New England's Perfect a snowstorm & it was BEAUTIFUL!!!

Who else LOVED watching the Broncos destroy the Patriots' dreams of an undefeated season last night? I'll admit I feel bad that Gronk got hurt (because he really is a likable NFL character no matter which team you root ...

The Warriors Are On Fire! 13-0 Baby! Can Anyone Beat Them?

While watching the 2nd quarter of last night's Warriors v Clippers game last night, the Warriors were down by as much as 23 points & I reluctantly accepted that the Clippers were probably going to serve the Warriors with their ...

September 25th Was A Huge Day for Music Releases!

I must, once again, apologize for my absence lately but my new job is continuing to keep me insanely busy. I just wanted to pop in to ensure my fellow music-loving Sideliners are on top of the many fantastic albums ...

Happy 1st Day of Week 1 of NCAA Football!!

I am SO excited that NCAA football is back TONIGHT! I'm attending UCLA's game versus Virginia on Saturday at The Rose Bowl & my friends & I will be starting our tailgate for the 12:30pm game as early as ...

3 Awesome Albums Were Released 10 Days Ago: Tame Impala, The Chemical Brothers & Wilco Are Rockin' My World!

My dear fellow Sideliners, I must apologize for being a bit M.I.A. lately. The past few months, I've been working a new job in digital marketing & I spend 10-12+ hours a day on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google ...

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1 year ago

I love (at least what I think is) the Tame Impala reference? New Person Same Old Mistakes is my fave track from Currents, which was THE best album of 2015!!

Wow! You totally nailed your USA v Ecuador prediction, @Tucker Pettigrew! Go U.S.A.!!

I was super to excited to see The Nice Guys & even went to see 1 of the very 1st showings the Thursday night of the weekend it was released (on 5/20) but, unfortunately, both my husband & I were pretty ...

I've never been so proud & stoked to be a Warriors fan! And, last night, Steph went above & beyond to show the world exactly why he deserves this title for the 2nd year in a row! 17 points in OT ...

I'm a Bay Area sports fan for life & I am SO excited for Wednesday! Saturday night was scary but at least both wins over the Spurs were pretty f*ckin decisive. GO DUBS!! #DubNation

I just bought tix for a Friday night showing & I'm super excited!! I'm ready for another R rated comic book movie! Watchmen will forever be 1 of my faves :)

I think he's just having fun. I'm not a Panthers fan but I still have a soft spot for Cam. He's cute, he's big, he's incredibly talented, he does a ton of charity work & he ...

Since Coachella 2016 will be my 12th Coachella in a row & the beginning of my honeymoon, I'm hoping for the best too! I'm way more pumped for the LCD Soundsystem reunion than the GNR reunion but my fiancé ...

I enjoyed the 2nd episode significantly more than the 1st because it was getting back the original series' formulaic "monster" episode roots. There are only 4 eps left so it should be pretty easy to stick it out.

I wish I had something to give you, @Jonathan Gardner! I nominate #Sidelines to send you a Warriors hat!

You're right, @Jonathan Gardner! It was Mark Jackson! He was relieved of his duties after the Dubs lost to the Clippers in the 1st round of the playoffs in spring 2014 then oiur boy Kerr took over :)

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