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Lindsey's feelings about calculus are the reason she decided to study journalism. She spends her days homeschooling her two boys, finding lost Lego parts, and trying to figure out what to cook for dinner. And writing. You know, when there's time.
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1 year ago

My Art Class

I almost chickened out.

I had convinced myself last December that I was finally going to cross an item off my bucket list and take a painting class. It's something I've always wanted to do, but have been ...

"It's freaking me out!"

This past weekend, we had a nasty wind blow through our area. Everything seemed to be leaning into--or away from--the wind, depending on what it was and if it had a mind of its own. As I gazed out my ...

Powerful Life Lessons

Sometimes, you can learn the best life lessons on the job.

After one particularly long, busy day in the office where I once worked, my to-do list had hardly shrunk. It wasn't for lack of trying. The usual string ...

Most and Least Favorite Household Chores

When my husband and I got married, we made an agreement that I would clean bathrooms for the duration of our marriage if he agreed to do the dusting. I hated dusting.

The arrangement didn't last long.

He was ...

Stuck Indoors with Energy to Spare

Winter can be a cruel, cruel thing when you're a young child with school work to do and excess energy spilling everywhere. It's been a challenge for my homeschooled boys, who seem unsure of how much more of ...

Take a deep breath and yell.

My oldest son once said, "Mom, I know how you sing opera. Take a deep breath and yell." I suppose for all the silly depictions of opera available on television, that was an accurate guess for what he knew at ...

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1 year ago

Like you said, though, @Andrew Megow, pushing yourself outside your comfort zone really seems to have opened a great path for you. Nice work!

 In reply to My Art Class

I like donating my hair, so for a couple years, I'll grow it past my shoulders, then go in for a chop that takes my hair up to my chin. I've done this more than once, so while ...

I'm fine with people who are vegetarian. Honestly, it won't surprise me if one of my sons chooses to become a vegetarian; he's not much of a meat fan now.

As for myself, I really enjoy meat ...

Thanks, @Jill Koly. It was tough, but I've been so happy I did it!

@Ashley Muldoon, you and I sound very similar. Initially, an activity will sound great to me. Then, time passes, or I'm tired, or I ...

 In reply to My Art Class

He gets this way on occasion, @Jill Koly. He slept in his own room quite easily last night, so he doesn't seem to be in a worrisome cycle like you mentioned. I'd hate for him to struggle at ...

We bought our first house just this past October. I wasn't terribly interested in the whole process, actually. I've never been one who had much in mind in terms of a dream house, and even worse, change is ...

It's hard, @Mia Beardslee, to congratulate yourself for what did happen. Almost daily, I'm guilty of making an unrealistically long to-do list and feeling disappointed when it isn't completely accomplished. I always seem to forget to factor ...

 In reply to Powerful Life Lessons

@Jenny Davenport, I'm all over on this one, except the Japanese bath experience. I'm not sure I could ever get comfortable with that. As for my own bathroom, however, it depends on the day. Once I'm done ...

LOL! @Terrianne Webster, yes. Sometimes it is okay to slow down. I'm working on that one. Sometimes, I feel guilty if I'm not pushing 100 percent, every day.

 In reply to Powerful Life Lessons

This particular boss was a person with some interesting quirks, but I loved what I learned that evening, @Cece C.

I agree with your high school teacher's lesson, too. Either way, you can't quit! I think you're ...

 In reply to Powerful Life Lessons

You and I have similar styles, it seems, @Tonya Smith. For me, it's a lot like nudging my kids to try new foods, or even new movies. I always tell them it's okay to disagree with my opinions ...

I find your "get their attention" tip especially relevant, @Jenny Davenport. Eye contact is really important with History has shown me that if they're not looking at me, they're not listening, either.

Additionally, I'd add to model ...

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