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I am a mother of six. By day, I am a school librarian. By night, I am a taxi service. I love being active; life isn't a spectator sport!
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1 year ago

Disconnect to reconnect

As we approach the end of January many of us ask ourselves, "how am I doing on that New Year's Resolution?" My resolution was to disconnect with my electronic devices so I can reconnect with my children. I admit ...

Lunch box blahs

I hate packing my kids' lunches. Yes, I am glad I do. Not only is it healthy, but it saves our family money. With the cost of school lunches I can't afford not to. What I hate about packing ...

2 years ago

Keeping the holiday spirit in spite of your ex

Christmas is for the children. Consequently, celebrating without your children can be very painful. I can still remember our first Christmas apart. As we approach the final week of school, I am reminded that I need to share my children ...

...It's cold outside: Running without overheating

I have been running for eight months. I have lost 28 pounds and 12% body fat and I attribute it to running! Mind you, my run is more of a shuffle. So when the snow started falling, I was still ...

Pet Costumes: good idea or just plain silly?

Last year, the best dog in the world, was dressed as a football player. My daughters were dressed as cheerleaders. When I told others about his costume, even before Halloween, people would laugh or smile. Did they realize how much ...

Money doesn't grow on trees

My parents said this phrase all. the. time. Well, duh? My parents were trying to teach me money management lessons early. This phrase teaches kids that money can't be found it has to be earned? So, where is your ...

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1 year ago

@Terrianne Webster We will be in the same position. Our oldest son will be bringing his girlfriend home for Christmas. We are excited to meet her, but worried how the dynamics of our family will change.

2 years ago

@Santina Devine My problem is my hands get really hot and sweating. Do you have gloves you recommend?

@Santina Devine I have heard of this before. This could possibly explain my mood swings this past month. It has been crazy weather in our state. Some of the days have been extremely warm followed by extremely cold weather.

@Jenny Davenport I have oatmeal almost every morning. I had a crazy morning last week so I ended up eating it for lunch. I decided to throw in some almonds. It was so yummy. I love when that happens!

 In reply to Oatmeal Rejuvenation

@Joshua Thompson Our school district no longer refers to them as athletes. They are student athletes. Our administrations is putting the focus back on the academics. In fact, they just updated the district policy on grade checks and eligibility. Students ...

@Lindsey Chapman A routine is just that, a routine. Even as adults, we need to have consistency in our lives. When life gets crazy it's usually because we have fallen out of routine. Just a thought....

@Terrianne Webster Seven years ago, I invited several friends to a caroling party. I had just gone through a divorce and wondered if I had any friends that would actually show up. Now, this is a family tradition. Not just ...

I wouldn't have opened the backpack. Instead, I would have asked the girl to do it for me. Wrong? Even at a young age, kids need to be taught that stealing is wrong and so is accusing someone of ...

@Terrianne Webster That's a great commercial. I didn't cry, but I thought it was very thoughtful. I'm not that emotional when it comes to commercial, but those hallmark mother's day commercials pull on my heartstrings.

@Rachel T Gupta Last summer, I colored my hair the first time in my life. What a pain! I was shocked at the time and money commitment. I say go natural at any age.

@Terrianne Webster Like my mom always said, "blood is thicker than water". When I was a teenager, I didn't want anything to do with my siblings. Now, I totally agree! I would rather spend time with them. I talk ...

@Connie Donahue I have seen my children go thru cycles. They were messy toddler, but now as adults they like to be neat. I think allowing them some independence is great. I think it 's healthy to have an annual ...

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