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I am a high school history teacher and mom to a three year-old-who thinks she is the same age as my teenage students. My husband fits somewhere in this craziness as well, and I think he may have something to do with the baby that I'm having in December. :) I like writing personal narrative essays on families, work/life (un)balance, and relationships. Writing and reading the thoughts and opinions of other people helps me navigate new experiences and learn from the past. I'm excited to be here at Sidelines.
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2 years ago

Restart! How to "start over" with a "threenager."

I didn’t teach today, and I’ve got a bit of a window before my next big writing deadline. The last few weeks have been an exhausting crash-course in new work schedules and routines for our family, so I ...

I don't care about work/life balance anymore, I just want a nap.

I wish I had something clever to say, but I think my title sums up how I'm feeling pretty nicely. I just started another school year of teaching, in addition to the freelance work I do on my "down-time ...

I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom.

If you don't catch the reference, you can't sit with us. (Just kidding, it's a line from the movie Mean Girls.)

I love finding out what things parents "let go" of, even if admitting it would horrify ...

Type A or Type B? Which personality type suits you best?

Are you a Type A personality? I’m not. I’m decidedly Type B. It’s certainly not due to my upbringing, both my parents are proud Type A card-holders. My mom doesn’t feel happy in any environment not ...

When do you let your kids wear make-up? Or pierce their belly-button? Or even leave the house? (Only right answer is never.)

I’ve never been a fan of gender-specific parenting, whether it be the “boys will be boys” mentality to rough-housing, or the emphasis on being “lady-like” for little girls. I’d much rather my daughter find joy in activities that ...

Surprise! I love Ann Romney...

Ann Romney (wife to former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney,) is my (not so secret) celebrity crush, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

People who know me really well are consistently surprised by this. I don’t share Ann ...

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2 years ago

@Victor Matoush I don't see the point in arguing with someone who doesn't recognize transgender men and women by their gender identification, and as individual citizens with full access to equal rights under the law. Let's talk ...

I apologize for the inflammatory language at the end of my last comment, @Victor Matoush but I do think it raises a valid point. "Boys are boy and should use the boys restroom, girls are girls and should use the ...

Oh @Victor Matoush I don't think we can have a productive conversation until we clarify a few things. Are you saying the transgender students are somehow emotionally compromised, mentally ill,or otherwise abnormal? Because that is discriminatory language, and ...

@Chellie S I'm really glad that education law (namely IDEA) does not support a majority-rules model. What about special needs students, or differently-abled students, or ELL students? All of those groups represent the minority of students,and yet they ...

@Victor Matoush what happens when a boy stands on the toilet in the stall of the boys bathroom and sees another boy? Why is that less troubling than a boy standing and seeing a girl (or any gender combination.) Seems ...

@Victor Matoush the nice thing about public education is that it is not run by "majority rule." Education law states that public education in all states much provide fair and equitable education to all students, regardless of race, gender, sexual ...

Also, @Terrianne Webster I wish I could send this post to my Mom and my MIL anonymously. I love them, but I also fear the "MIL tantrum" which is what my husband calls them.

Sigh. My mother wants us over twice a week for dinner. She who hated, hated, hated being "forced" to go over to her in-laws once a week. Who would "get sick" to get out of big family gatherings. Now wants ...

Also, Lorelei Gilmore is my BFF. Whenever my own mother pulls an Emily, I try and figure out what Lorelei would do. And when I do something dumb, I remind myself that Lorelei did lots of dumb things, but she ...

 In reply to My (fictional) BFF

@Casey Katofsky sorry man, but Frozone's wife wins it for me.


Frozone's wife: Greater good? I'm ...

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@Jill Koly excercise is such a hard thing for me to prioritize, especially when the type of exercise I most enjoy requires me to leave the home (I tend to like social exercise, especially dance classes.) I wish I were ...

In my college teaching classes I learned that the activity intended to benefit only a few students (an extra warm-up assignment given intended to help a struggling student/students,) always helps the whole group, never hurts them (everyone could use ...

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