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A born Yinzer, through and through. I also have a soft spot for the Os, picked up from my time at Towson. Gamer chick and all-around entertainment devotée. I seem to have picked up a flair for fashion at some point over the past 5 years without having ever intended to.
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3 years ago

The Temptation of the Dark Side: From TIE Fighter to Star Wars Commander

Give in to your baser instincts. It is pointless to resist. Search your feelings; you know this to be true.

I am helping my Imperial squadmates crush ridiculous Rebel soldiers on banthas beneath the feet of our AT-STs. I have ...

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2 years ago

I'm thinking of trying to put together a costume for Pittsburgh Comicon this year (September). I'm still bouncing around, ideas, though, and haven't hit on one that I am totally sold on yet. Maybe I'll try ...

I haven’t really watched much Manwha animation (like most Americans, I’ve been exposed to a lot more Japanese animé). Apparently, I’ve been missing out. I love the Tale of Two Wishes because the Dud is about the ...

It’s a bit different to have this kind of leveling system, but if you consider the stars just a level multiplier, then a 6-star monster really can get to level 40. Sure, it feels like you’re starting over ...

3 years ago

Oh, man, @Steve Ausburne, Lando! I'd love to play as Lando. You could just stroll around with your cape and smile at all the Imperials. The only problem is that one of your vehicles (at random) would break down ...

Luke waving his lightsaber around at the time of Er’kit changes more than just a few minor canon details, as @Ashley Strife implies. The audience basically never sees him use it throughout a New Hope, and only as a ...

@Patrick Zimmerman, isn’t this pretty much exactly what the Rebels did after the destruction of the first Death Star, though? They ran and hid, from Yavin to Ord Mantell to Hoth. Not exactly seeing a frontal assault in that ...

I know it goes against type, but if I'm at a BBQ, all of my health concerns go straight out the window. Give me sausages, chicken, ribs, burgers. You grill it, I eats it.

A good sausage fest will ...

Pac-12? Are you kidding me? While the Left Coasters do have some good teams (don’t get me wrong, it’s not like they’re the Big-10 or anything), they’re going to have to wait a bit before they ...

@Patrick Zimmerman, fine liquors, now we’re talking. The flowers don’t even begin to start being enough of an apology if my bf has screwed up in the kind of way that @Steve Ausburne is talking about. It’s ...

@Patrick Zimmerman, do Ivy League games even count as real football anymore?

I’ve always been a big fan of mascot-themed foods. Say you’re Tennessee: Lots of orange-colored dips (cheddar!) and a whole lot of Tennessee BBQ, with Jack ...

@Lindsey Hopp, I have an image of irises and zucchini fighting to the death with forks and butter knives on your dining room table.

Flowers! Flowers! Flowers! Colors! Fun!

We live in Pittsburgh, so yinz might have heard that it ...

I would have loved to have seen the game at Heinz Field. No way I had the cash.

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