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I have grown up watching, living, and breathing sports. I follow a wide variety of sports and have above average knowledge of each one of them (some more than others.) I follow these great sports: American Football, European Soccer, Cricket, Tennis, MLB, NBA, NASCAR.
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2 years ago

Play by play made simple: How to set up your game stream

Live streaming has become a part of the social media culture. So much so, that it now has countless platforms. These platforms range from simple, and a few clicks, to difficult, and a lot of advanced configurations. These platforms serve ...

App Review Avenue: Live:Air Solo

Live streaming has been the new and easy way to share small town sports to the rest of the world. For those of you who were worried that this is a complicated, expensive process, fear not. Live:Air has come ...

Digital scouting is helping small schools get on the sporting map

Scouting is a critical component of building a winning franchise. The major problem with the system is that there aren’t enough personnel to travel the entire world and find every talented player. Until recently, scouts had to physically travel ...

Livestreaming has changed the way teams scout for talent

Teams have always had a way to find the next young starlet in their sport, but the increasing spread of video has dramatically changed the scouting landscape. Every kid with some cleats and a mobile device can upload clips of ...

Way Too Early Playoff and Super Bowl Predictions

Here we are, the end of July is near and Preseason is right around the corner. The draft, big name free agent chase, and ridiculous trades, the franchise tag sagas are all over. The teams are starting to take shape ...

USWNT Vs. Sweden, FIFA Women's World Cup: Live Blog

The USWNT are back in action today. They take on former coach Pia Sundhage and her native country Sweden. Coming off a ‘good enough’ win against Australia, the US will be looking to put up a stronger performance. Sweden on ...

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2 years ago

Thank you so much guys! this means a lot to me, you guys are the best! and @Patrick Zimmerman I doubt that'll ever happen but they are surely on their way to winning some silverware in the US.


@Dean Lake As an Apple User, I can’t get enough of iMovie. I have been using iMovie for a long time, and it has never failed to impress me. For one it’s free if you have a Mac ...

This a great list of basic needs for a quality live stream. One thing that I would add is a tripod. The best way to keep a Live Stream is to keep the feed steady. Especially if you have a ...

@Joshua Thompson if anything, it's the opposite! The men are all really good candidates, while Serena has just claimed complete power over the gender! She has proven to be the best female athlete with every strike this ost year ...

@Joshua Thompson I agree with a lot of your picks but i have to sway away just because of the fan voting. Triple crown was amazing, and my first choice, but America doesnt care.

@Fonz Yap it could win next year, but this is all Messi! OBJ's catch was great but they lost that game, Messi's goal came at a pretty great time too!

As for the ones you listed,
Best Female Athlete : Serena Williams

Best Male Athlete: JJ Watt

Best Championship Performance: Lebron James (2015 NBA Finals)

Best Breakthrough Athlete : Odell Beckam Jr. (New York Giants)

Best Record-Breaking Performance: Klay Thompson (GS Warriors ...

Play of the year has to be the Lionel Messi Goal against Athletic Bilbao in the Copa Del Rey Final. Pure Genius behind that goal.

@Devon Newport great blog so far! And this match has been amazing! The Serb holds the 1 set lead but this might take all 5 sets to settle. Maybe even a tiebreak in the 5th. Lets see what happens next.

Football unites, all races, all genders, all ages come together each and every week and dress in their clubs colors while they watch 11 of their team's top artist paint the best type of art of the field. Using ...

@Joshua Thompson The FIFA scandals for me were the best thing that could have to the sport. The image of FIFA has been under scrutiny since the day Sepp Blatter took office back in 1998. So when the FBI and ...

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