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As a massive UK NFL fan, I commit large amounts of my time to following my favourite sport. I have travelled over 3,000 miles with the sole purpose of going to see my beloved Jets and am already planning to go and see them again. Having only followed it for 6 years I have a lot of catching up to do in terms of knowledge of the sport but I am very much committed to expanding that every day. Professionally writing about the NFL has become my number one goal in life and it seems now is the time to start.
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1 year ago

My Problem With Feminism

It’s a dirty word. Not in principle but in its perception. Not in its message or its scope but in its social standing. I am, of course, referring to the word feminism.

Feminism, in its most literal sense, is ...

AFC East Early Offseason Outlook

Optimism season has arrived in the NFL. Now that the Super Bowl is finished, every team in the league is looking for ways to be part of the next instalment of the big game. With that in mind, let’s ...

Sidelines Pass - Soccer: Barclays Premier League Title Race 2016 & Champions League Round of 16 Preview

We’re back! After a long absence due to plenty of up in the air schedules, myself, @Mihir Pandya and @Fonz Yap are back waxing lyrical about the world’s favourite game. Our latest episode of the soccer related Sidelines ...

Sidelines Pass - NFL Episode 1: Super Bowl 50 and Early Offseason Outlook

Welcome all to the first edition of the newly casted Sidelines Pass episode covering the nations favourite sport: football. With the Super Bowl having just finished, now begins the long road back to football.

In this inaugural episode I am ...

Sidelines Showdown - Super Bowl 50 Edition

While the Super Bowl usually simply marks the NFL season, 2016’s rendition of the greatest show on earth means something more. It is the NFL’s coming of age.

The Super Bowl’s Quinquagenary is a poignant occasion that ...

Super Bowl 50 - Sidelines Quiz

In order to honour the Semi-Centennial of the Super Bowl, here at Sidelines we thought it would be a great idea to test our footballing faithful on their knowledge of the big game.

So we’ve done just that. Sidelines ...

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10 months ago

Fun but decadent.

Up Sh*t River(s)

@Tucker Pettigrew Simply put, Vic Beasly is the Falcon's equivalent of JJ Watt, Von Miller, Aaron Donald. Now, before you go off on one, I am not comparing the talent level. What I am saying is that Beasley is ...

@Paul Fowler We both agree a Falcon is going to be the X-factor. While I think it would be obvious to think Jones, I'm glad neither of us picked him because of the stat I referenced above. In games ...

Vic Beasley. As I said before, he is the motor that makes the Falcons pass rush go. And without an effective one, Atlanta are going to have a really hard time winning this game. For all my praise for the ...

Different routes indeed @Paul Fowler. I think it is actually fairly hard to argue with your points from the point of view of reasoning for a decline in ratings. It is true that the NFL experienced more parity (or mediocrity ...

I think the first factor is easy and the second one ties loosely in. The main reason there has been a declining interest in the Super Bowl, and NFL in general, is because of the political climate the US finds ...

I can @Tucker Pettigrew for a couple of reasons.

The high level they are playing at comes down to them peaking at the right time. Even though there is a climb in their average if you take away the horrible ...

@Paul Fowler You make some interesting points. Stopping the running back duo of Freeman and Coleman must be high on the list of Belichick and Patricia's must-dos next week. With the way the Pats held Antonio Brown in check ...

Just looking at the obvious stats, the answer might appear to be the Patriots. The number one scoring defence in the league is 5-1 in Super Bowls when facing off against the number one scoring offense. Advantage Patriots. However, a ...

1 year ago

As we clearly agree that McCaffrey is going to be there or there abouts in terms of the Heisman voting, let’s look at your other two choices.

Baker Mayfield is an interesting choice and could well lift the individual ...

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