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Loves music, playing guitar and writing songs and also loves movies, watching and working on movie projects. Founder of the Sierra Nevada Movie Club, a social group of about 400 members. The Sierra Nevada Movie Club was recently invited to speak at Comic Con. Lived in China and worked in both China and Singapore and visited most the countries in Asia. Published in the Mountain Democrat newspaper. Host of the Potable Pictureshow, a podcast dedicated to "motion pictures and drinking liquors". Check it out at, on Facebook at or on iTunes at:
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1 year ago

Appetite for Hamburgers, Will Axl make it out of the dressing room in time for the show?

There was a time before Nirvana and grunge killed off the remaining vestiges of 80's "hair metal" that Guns n Roses were the biggest band in the world. Their debut, Appetite for Destruction, powered by song like "Welcome to ...

2 years ago

Owning a Piece of Movie History

Recently Judy Garland's Wizard of Oz blue and white gingham "Dorthy" dress sold at auction for 1.56 million dollars. Oz auction items are not new. Last year the Cowardly Lion costume went for over 3 million dollars. If ...

Movie Mad Lib

Just for funs, I thought I would play a movie themed mad lib with you all. Remember Mad Libs? I have a piece of writing in front of me that is a secret from you guys and gals. I have ...

Keeping Up With Jessica Jones

Marvel TV has released their next installment to Netflix, Jessica Jones. Per the Netflix way of doing things, the season was released in its entirety all at once. Without going into spoilers I would like to talk a little about ...

Simplify your (business) life- An overview of 17hats

I have a couple small businesses registered with the state of Nevada. Organization is something that came to me a bit later in life and even still I can sometimes get things lost in the shuffle with multiple projects going ...

Getting Together and Splitting Up- TV Romances

The new TV season started and several shows gave us a taste of romance on their individual season premiers. Brooklyn 99's had Jake and Amy getting close and closer, Penny and Leonard got hitched on Big Bang Theory, and ...

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1 year ago

Thank you for the nice Deadpool summary. You say he hasn't starred in a series for several years but I have heard good things about the run by comedians Brian Poseyn and Gerry Duggan. I believe this ended last ...

shoot I just saw I accidentally cut and pasted 2 for animation, I really meant only inside out, one of the two locks for winning a category, the other being best actress. Oh well.......

As someone that has worked for the airlines in various capacities, I do have a slight warning regarding the 3rd party sites like Orbitz and Travelocity. They buy there tickets from the airlines in bulk and have a set amount ...

I never used a lot of premade campaign settings. I do remember having a pretty cool Ravenloft adventure module many years ago that was like part board game and came with a sound effects CD I believe. I dabbled in ...

I think I won this last year, but it is definitely tougher for me this this year. A lot more conflicted on who I think will win vs who I want to win. As a matter of fact, even though ...

I saw the near intact Guns in Sacramento in a nearly intact show (ended early because Duff got hit in the head with a bottle). Was an entertaining show. I see they are doing a couple Vegas shows before Coachella ...

Similar to what they did with Orange is the New Black, Kimmy Schmitt has been renewed for season 3 before season 2 even airs. I am happy about that, I think the show has a lot of potential. Of course ...

 In reply to Netflix-2016

You can blame editing, directorial narrative, etc, but regardless there seems to be a lot of shady things that occurred with the sheriff department and several of the lawyers. From what I understand this film started off as kind of ...

2 years ago

ugh @Avery Schwartz "simply having...." has got to be one of the most dreaded sounds I can hear. I think there are subliminals in there just waiting to be triggered to cause holiday shoppers to start a battle royale. Maybe ...

@Steve Ausburne, We just had a Stars Wars watching party last weekend and we had a reoccurring theme talking about capes, particularly Lando's.

I love spy stuff and especially cold war era spy stuff. There are so many cool real life stories. There has been a ton of spy movies over the past 12 months are so- Bridge of Spies, Imitation Game, New ...

1) The Warriors are very good and going to be a team for the history books. Curry is is a basketball ninja. Give him the trophy.

2) Cavs don't have the depth to be "destined", but unless bad luck ...

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