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Co-Editor Of the Gaming community. I'm an avid gamer and have been since my first Sega Genesis. I love writing and crafting, and Pokemon has dominated my life since my first Charmander in Pokemon Red. I'm a proud English alumni of the University of Washington. I love soundtracks and Batman, and I cosplay at PAX and Sakura-Con in Seattle every year.
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1 year ago

Gaming Predictions Event: March

It's time for your predictions again! We've got two more games for this month, so here's a recap of the rules:

Post your prediction of the average value of the review scores of the game. You can ...

The Sun rises and the Moon glows on the new Pokemon games

It's happened. They've announced the next generation of Pokemon games. I've never been so happy (I mean, when I got engaged was pretty great).

The names for Pokemon Sun and Moon were trademarked yesterday, and with this ...

Fire Emblem Birthright: Choosing your fate

Fire Emblem: Fates released in both Birthright and Conquest forms last week, and it’s seen it’s share of chatter since launch. Whether the controversial Treehouse localization or the removal of the waifu petting has you ablaze, take a ...

Fatal failures in Gaming

It’s a dark day, when a gamer does something to sabotage their own play. In an era of Arkham Knight and EA microtransactions, it’s hard enough to find a game that isn’t already out to get you ...

Sidelines Gaming Predictions Event: February

Have you seen critic scores and knew they were spot on? Have you been close to guessing them yourself? Test your luck for the rest of the year with this ongoing monthly contest!

For this one, we're going to ...

Live stream: Darkest Dungeon

Tonight we get to enjoy a live stream from our very own @Max Zaleski!

Max is going to stream Darkest Dungeon at 5 PM PST on his Twitch channel. You can find the link here.

Meanwhile, let’s all chat ...

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1 year ago

So for Far Cry Primal:

IGN: 7.9
Gamespot: 8.0
Metacritic: 7.6

With an average of 7.8, that leaves @Brady Lee as the closest prediction with 8! Congratulations Brady, and great job to everyone with their predictions ...

My favorite (no surprise here) was the Pokemon commercial! I thought it was very sweet, and it brought a lot of the spirit of the games through. I loved it, and I loved seeing little kids-even actor children-feeling the way ...

I'm so glad this worked out for you, @Lindsey Chapman ! This is awesome! I actually tried something I wouldn't have done a while ago; I went to a crochet night with my older sister, with a group of ...

 In reply to My Art Class

I do love the pumpkin spice loaf, or any pumpkin spice baked goods. But sometimes it just goes too far. Sriracha popcorn is pretty okay, but I feel like it just works a lot better as a seasoning. Like @Rachel ...

I'm insanely addicted to meat, but one of my very good friends has been a stalwart vegetarian for several years now. He made his choice largely because of how animals can be treated during the processing, but now he ...

My favorite memories are a series, really; every Valentine's Day, my mom would pull together a little basket of candy, a bear, and a card for my sister and I. As we got older, we started getting flowers too ...

@Jill Koly I can only imagine that this is much better than a puppy monkey baby. I still can't get over that.

I'm thinking this might be the dessert I bake on Valentine's Day! We're staying ...

 In reply to Friday Night Cake

I struggled with this a lot in my first relationship, @Michael Loving . I eventually got engaged to him, and while the beginning of the relationship saw me being very independent, the second half ended with me being almost exclusively interested ...

@Giselle Davenport It's a rhythm rogue-like dungeon crawler, and it's amazing. It is so absolutely amazing. It's got a tremendous soundtrack, and while I rage quit more often than not, it's really addicting.
I love The ...

Frankly, this bugs me. I really wanted to watch Yandere Simulator prior to buying it. I've been an anime geek for years now, and the game plays on a lot of the classic tropes and cliches in a wonderfully ...

Here's the final verdit on Firewatch:
Gamespot: 7
Metacritic: 8.2
IGN: 9.3
Giving us an average of 8.2, which leaves @Christopher Lee as the closest guess with his prediction of 8! Congratulations, you'll be getting ...

Actually reviews have started coming in now for Firewatch, so we are closing numbers for it! Once Gamespot has their final number in, we will announce the winner!

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