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I'm a 22 year old college student majoring in Marketing and Journalism. Sports may not be my job yet but it is my passion.
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2 years ago

Will the LBJ Brand Ever Surpass Team Jordan?

Nike has announced that they signing LeBron James to a lifetime contract, making this the biggest contract in its history within the company. LBJ's brand has taken off every since he signed with Nike in 2003. Earning little over ...

Kobe Bryant is Retiring

Last night the basketball world suffered a great loss, well maybe not to that extreme extent but they did suffer a shocking blow when Kobe Bean Bryant announced this will be his last season in the NBA. With 32683 points ...

Shaq and Scottie Feuding?

Sunday evening, Shaq created a post stating that Lakers All-Team Lakers team would beat the Bulls All-Time team. Shaq's team consisted of Magic Johnson at the point, Kobe Bryant at the two spot, Elgin Baylor at small forward, and ...

NBA Summer League

With the playoffs being over for about a month now, basketball diehards have been waiting for the opportunity to watch the game they love again. Well the wait ended today, July 4th, as the NBA Summer League began play. Teams ...

All Is Good In South Beach

After resigning Goran Dragic a few days ago, Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat have come to a compromise. The 11 time all-star has inked a one year $20 million contract. Wade shared the news on Instagram where he posted ...

Milwaukee Inks Greg Monroe

Greg Monroe will be packing his bags and heading to Milwaukee. The Bucks signed Monroe to a max deal worth $50 million over the next three years. Last season in Detroit, Monroe averaged a shade under 16 points and 10 ...

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1 year ago

In theory, I don't understand why more top recruits don't exploit this rule. The NBA to my knowledge doesn't recognize prep school as high school so why kids simply don't graduate high school and then go ...

I believe the same thing that plagues our society is what also hinders the NBA draft. We are prisoners of the moment. We see a 6'9 high school kid run the fast break and all of a sudden he ...

Unlike Linn, Porzingis has time on his hands. KP is 20 and already flashing an tremendous upside. Though he is a bit inefficient at the moment he possesses tools you just can teach. Defensively he is solid and has the ...

I think this is a solid move. @Mike Cortez has a point with Johnson eating up possessions but I believe he can definitely serve a purpose in Miami. With Bosh out indefinitely, the Heat can start Johnson and play their ...

All the teams have some nice pieces but what the 90's and 80's bring to the table is scary. The 80's have a lot of players that don't need the ball in order to win the ...

Love the list. It was well thought out and pretty accurate for the most part. A few changes I would make is giving Isiah Thomas the nod over Kyrie Irving. What Thomas is doing in Boston is nothing short of ...

I view James Harden as a talented player that lacks the drive to be one of the best in his generation. We all know he is an elite scorer and almost impossible to guard in a halfcourt set due to ...

It's no secret that Stephen Curry is not a great defender but he has made drastic improvements in that area in order to become a more complete player. He is no longer the defensive liability he was in his ...

I never thought Derek Fisher was a good fit to be the Knicks coach, especially with a veteran player like Carmelo Anthony on the roster. I don't believe he ever demanded the respect of the locker room or the ...

I believe Phoenix problems stems from management more so than poor coaching. They had a good base with Goran Dragic and Eric Bledose but decided to muddy things when they then acquired Isaiah Thomas. The Thomas move did nothing but ...

I like the East reserves. I believe the coaches got it right. Some would say Pau Gasol got snubbed but I don't know who he would play over. Bosh has been having a great year, Drummond arguably should have ...

 In reply to NBA AllStar Reserves

I disagree with Tyronn Lue being named the head coach of the all star game. I could understand if he had taken the reigns as head coach earlier in the season but nothing he has done warranted such a high ...

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