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Amie Cuhaciyan comes from a long line of adventurers who braved the open seas and unknown lands to settle in Seattle. Her heritage often made her feel split between cultures because of Middle Eastern and European traditions alive in her home and the American culture outside her door. To get in touch with her roots, she started traveling to her various homelands at the age of 16. She has called places such as India and Japan home as she earned her BA in Anthropology. Along the way, she contributed to Bringing it Home: Integrating International Experiences. University of Washington, May 2007.Vol1 and won a spot at UW’s international photography exhibit the same year. She currently studies Educational Technology at BSU, is a member of the Idaho Japanese Association and Idaho chapter president of SOAR.
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1 year ago

6 things to do in San Francisco for Valentine's Day

SF Chronical Wine Competition

Wine country gets even closer to the bay with this annual event. The event is on the 13th and is a fantastic start to a passionate Valentine's weekend. Not only can you sip on the ...

How to find cheap airfare

Finding the cheapest and most convenient airfare can be arduous but with these tricks, you will be able to find the best prices with little effort.

The hot site of the moment

Airfare Watchdog is my new favorite search engine ...

Politics and women

Political rhetoric has plummeted to all-time lows this election cycle. Minorities, religions, and women are talked about like we are living in the past. I could talk about Muslims since I grew up a Christian surrounded by Turks, but I ...

Travel to Japan with Snakku

In the past few months, I have seen a plethora of boxed goodies from all over the world pop up in online ads. When I saw Snakku, a subscription service delivering authentic Japanese snack to your door I had to ...

My first New Year celebration in a new country

Back in 2008, Japan became my second home. My first holiday there was New Years at my best friend's mom's house in Nagoya. New Year's Eve was spent chatting and eating Osechiriyori with friends while watching ridiculous ...

Teaching kids the meaning of Christmas

When I was pregnant I told my self that I was going to be honest about Santa. He isn't a magical being, but a person who did nice things long ago. Five years latter, I am knee deep into ...

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1 year ago

@Jill Koly I will post pics when I get back. That's if I am not in a food coma.

@Jill Koly that commercial was unnerving! I can't say that there was a great one in the bunch.

@Mia Beardslee it's great timing for that since gas prices are so low and carriers are finally lowering thier prices to match the market

Wings are a staple at many Superbowl parties.
You could go traditional and have them smothered in hot sauce and dip them in dressing, or you could try something special for the Superbowl's 50th anniversary.

Chicken wings are famous ...

@Avery Schwartz I have stopped using Kayak recently because it felt like I was in a never ending search engine rabbit hole! Good to know they search low cost carriers. I will look at them again. I forgot to add ...

@Nick Ostiller I also have Skyscanner on my cell phone as I find it more convenient than other apps for a quick glance at the airfare market.

My handwriting isn't great either, but I think it is important to know it. Many older documents are written exclusively in cursive. If we don't teach it to the masses are we saying it is too hard and ...

When I visit my sons class I always stand and recite it. It holds a sense of importance to me and it is the start of teaching our children their civic duty. I have never though of it in a ...

@Avery Schwartz these are certainly high quality products that come from skilled craftspeople and not a huge factory. They do not do a stand-alone savory box, but boxes contain a mix of both salty and sweet. Every month will be ...

@Ashley Muldoon that's cool they were at Sakura-Con. Did they not give out samples? Cuz, if they did you would have ordered!

Being in Seattle made getting food from different countries a little easier, but your are right @Rachel T Gupta it's not the same. I am especially happy to get these boxes since Idaho doesn't have anything!

@Terrianne Webster You are the reason why I added the Blondie recipe; it is great for anytime. If we had time to cook everything we wanted we wouldn't have time to open presents!

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