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I'm sharing my experiences navigating the ups and downs of parenting the best way I know how - one day at a time, and with a sense of humor.
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1 year ago

Misadventures in giving back

Now that our children are a little bit older, we've decided to spend part of Christmas day giving back as a family. We want our children to learn about love and kindness, but also about privilege. We want them ...

2 years ago

It's time to step up and help Syrian refugees

I've been reluctantly following the refugee situation on Facebook, because a lot of what I see fills my heart with pain and despair. Fear and bigotry reign as people call out to turn a deaf ear on those who ...

Do we need to fix the way we teach kids about sex?

Sex education has been a controversial subject in America for quite some time. Debates rage in the social and political sphere over how much information we should present to students, and in what ways we should instruct it. I've ...

How to shop for environmentally friendly flowers

How do you tell someone, “I love and care about you, but also about the environment?”

Flowers are a classic gift for many occasions, and there are a few pioneers in the flower industry who are implementing environmentally friendly practices ...

Do you step in when playground conflicts arise?

I found myself faced with a minor parenting crisis last week when my son came across a playground bully. Most days after I pick my son up, we stay after school and play at the playground for awhile. It gives ...

Handling family drama when you have kids

All families experience tension and conflict, and mine is no different. We ran into a family fracas head on last weekend, and I was faced with a dilemma; should I talk to my kids about what was happening, or try ...

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1 year ago

I definitely need to keep #1 in mind. I have an absolute tendency to ramble, and I'm trying to be more mindful of it.

@Jill Koly I love your idea of offering another chance! I think it would help ...

We have Kindle Fires for our kids as well, and if you set up a profile as a child's profile, you can set screen time limits on the device. It will even let you break it down by category ...

Ah, my mistake. That comment should have been for @Lindsey Chapman.

@Terrianne Webster what a wonderful opportunity for your children! Frankly, I'm sort of jealous. I have limted experience with opera, but I love when I get the chance to sing it. My choir sang Ricevete from Marriage of Figaro ...

My oldest son was just diagnosed with ADHD, but we've been struggling with it for years. He's so smart, but he often doesn't feel that way because of how much he has to struggle to sit and ...

 In reply to That dang DNA

This is great advice @Lindsey Chapman! I've been trying to ask for help more often too. I sometimes try to take everything on myself as well because I felt that as a stay at home mom, it was my ...

@Mia Beardslee thank you for sharing. This is definitely something I needed to see today. I've been having what I like to call an "Alexander day" (as in terrible, horrible, no good, very bad). When you have those kinds ...

I think it's so interesting how my celebrity crushes have changed and evolved as I've grown. One thing that has remained constant is why I would develop a celebrity crush. It wasn't about looks (although that can ...

Thank you for sharing @Terrianne Webster. When you're a new parent, it can feel like it will be difficult forever. I remember breaking down crying when Isaac was an infant because he also wanted to be latched on or ...

Thanks @Rachel T Gupta I'm sort of a worrier by nature, so I run through scenarios like that in my head (what would I do if X happened?). I never thought I'd actually find out, but I'm ...

Thanks @Santina Devine I actually did stay home for a few days afterwards. It shook me up a bit for sure.

@Patrick Zimmerman I *love * Pandemic. I've played a few times and we still haven't won.

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